10th anniversary Befaco

On 7 March 2020, Befaco celebrates its tenth anniversary in Hangar, scheduling a day of modular synthesizer construction workshops and live concerts. From 11 am, the eurorack module construction workshops will begin, where several manufacturers will be offering, exceptionally, their modules in DIY format. In the afternoon, from 4 pm, artists from around Befaco will be offering live music. The confirmed artists are:

Ambar / Colloid / Dj Death / Flama / Kalaji / Linalab / Me-Leena / Miguel eedl / Moira / N3 / Nyon-k / Opaaco / Pauk / Puntalaberinto + Violeta Mayoral / Ralp / Renick Bell / Sergi Botella Dj

To reserve units please write an email to manu(at)befaco.org

You can check the prices of the modules here.

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