16mm sensory initiation

Filming, developing and projection from the senses
A film workshop by Adriana Vila Guevara

Starting from the idea of cinema as experience, recovering its essence as mechanics and art, this workshop seeks to provide the necessary and initiatory tools for the creation (film-revelation and projection) of a collective film in 16mm, considering it a senso-film experiment.

Proposing a creative process aimed at taking the protagonism out of the gaze behind the objective and listening only to the sound recording, not only sight and hearing will be stimulated in the different practices, but also touch, smell and taste in a set of individual and collective ceremonies of re-appropriation of the stages of filmic creation through the body.

1. First approach to the alphabet: About emulsions and types of films. Recipes, formulas and processes. Some references for inspiration.
2. Discovery of the mechanics and secrets of a Bolex. About the dark and sweaty load of a reel. (Touch, hearing and taste)
3. Collective filming of moving skins. Temporalities, overprints, and fades with closed eyes and open pores. (Vision, touch, hearing and mathematics)
4. Developing, steam and tears. Immersion in the black and white process (negative and reversible). From the auditory acuity of the spiral charge, to meditation in the patient gloom of an intoxicated revelation. (Hearing, touch, smell)
5. Projection, manipulation and final possession. Tractions, obturations, incinerations, and movements for an improvised lighting performance (Hearing, touch and vision).

Practical information
Date and time: Friday, October 16th from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturday, October 17th from 11 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm
Space: Ricson Room, Hangar. 16 Emília Coranty St.
Price: €50
Places: 12 pax
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