Alejandra Avilés and Tali Serruya participate in Boustrophēdón

The artists in residence Alejandra Avilés and Tali Serruya participate in the exhibition – essay Boustrophēdón, curated by BAR project, which opens on June 20 at Fabra i Coats.

Towards the 3rd century BC the Greeks began a particular method of writing in which the lines run from left to right and from right to left, or vice versa. Known as boustrophēdón, it literally means “the way of turning or ox turning”, referring to the movement of this animal when plowing a field. Its precise usefulness is unknown, but it seems that it take maximum advantage to the the writing surface in tablets and knobs; although it certainly also offered a different mode of reading, which broke the usual unidirectionality.

The essay exhibition Boustrophēdón, curated by BAR project, presents projects by Julia Gorostidi, Tali Serruya, Enea Palmeto, Alejandra Avilés and Ibai Hernandorena, and includes questions relating to producing and inhabiting indefinite and adjoining spaces, analysing or assaying lateral movements, creating spontaneous moments of coming together, rethinking the shape of identity in the contemporary world and pushing daily situations to the limit. The different projects form an open and organic framework in which the common interests are interwoven, as in the differences that have appeared during eight months of connivance, and which now take shape in an exhibition space.

Boustrophēdón works as the final exercise of BAR TOOL #0, a practice-based training programme conceived and curated by BAR project. Following a period of common work, study and practice, in a context of professional and human exchange, this moment is not a decisive end but the start of a new chapter in which the practice of each participant enters once again into dialogue with that of the others.


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