Presentation of the performance Chronica Mobilis



The interactive performance Chronica Mobilis is a locative narrative experience with gameplay. It happens simultaneously within an exhibition space and on the streets of the city. The audience can assume different roles during the performance: you can play online, play from the street or just attend the show reported in the exhibit space.

The performance uses urban space as diegetic space, physics navigation interactive model and mobile and geospatial technologies as tools. The thematic is the time and the different ways in which we perceive and live spaces and the city at different moments of our lives. The story is about a person and situations experienced by them in three phases of their life: as a child, young and adult. Each phase is represented by a sub-story with memories of the past to be discovered in parts of the city.

The narrative is geo-referenced with data associated to specific locations in the urban space. Multiple data and stories can be referenced to a single location in the city streets.

Online players send instant text messages with instructions to players on the street, to look for certain emotionally important locations to the character of the story. Players on the street transmit live audio and video as a way of self-reported experience lived by their search in the city. In the exhibition space are projected in real time transmissions coming from the street, the historic of text messages exchanged between players and a map with the routes of the players on the street. Whenever a player on the street finds a location, people in the exhibition space are rewarded with memories of the character associated with this place.

The presentation will be on Saturday, October 25th, at 17h, in Sala RicsonHangar (Carrer Coranty Emilia, 16).
Event on facebook and more info on the website of Chronica Mobilis
Registration for people who want to play! This link can aputarse for presentation and choose whether they want to be players or if they only attend the performance.
See you on Saturday at Hangar!


This activity takes place in the frame of the collaboration Hangar – UPF/MUAD.

With the collaboration of:


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