PARATEXT #29 with May Parlar i Julia Varela

Paratext hides a monthly program of presentations by artists in residency in Hangar, always on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. Several artists present in various formats specific projects or parts of their works. The meetings are always opened based to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next session will take place on Wednesday, September 26, at 7 pm in Hangar at Ricson space. The following artists will present their work:

May Parlar

May Parlar is a New York / Istanbul based photography and video artist with degrees in Architecture & Sustainable Design. May creates performative images exploring the notions of belonging, identity, perception and normative social influences. She is especially interested in examining human condition via documenting the nomadic experience of being / performing in constructed realities, which perpetually are transformed, warped and deconstructed in her work. Her works has been screened and exhibited internationally in US, UK, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Greece. She is also a video activist and documentary filmmaker, producing socially relevant work with community media groups and been part of video collectives such as Paper Tiger TV. Apart from her art and media practice, May is an instructor of Art & Design, leads architectural design courses and lectures on sustainability at various universities.

Julia Varela

One of Julia’s interests is related to what we repress when we see. Part of materials that allow you to preserve the physical staging in which to run and mediatize emotions. The works she proposes are performances that, if they do not become objects, they disappear. She departs from oral testimonies, translations, ephemeral events and electronic or waste materials to disseminate the environment surrounding a subject or community.

The means of production, reception and circulation of images turn suffering into an element of domestic, speculative entertainment. Part of her work stages how our physical interaction with devices tames our understanding of context, desire, ideals and human rights. She studies the operative images and the relationship between desire and nihilism.

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