Polivalents #12: Materials and futures

On February 26th at 5 pm, Hangar’s resident artists present the 12th edition of the Sessions Polivalents. This edition entail a change from the past ones, which followed one another as celebrations of a single day of festive character. For its 12th edition, the residents have decided to reconfigure the format. Thus, Polivalents #12 has been taking place throughout 2020 through various research processes opened by the residents, organized in two working groups: Materials and Futures. The meeting on February 26th is an opportunity, circumstance or context to learn about the processes that have been carried out and that will continue to be carried out in the Sessions Polivalents

The event will be streamed at: https://live.hangar.org/#polivalents12

You can fill out the Futures questionnaire here.

Working groups:

Futures: Anna Irina Russell, Juan David Galindo, Agustín Ortiz Herrera, Eulàlia Garcia Valls, Daniel Moreno Roldán, Rosa Llop y Pedro Torres

Materials: to kosie, Julia Calvo, Carola Moujan, Anaisa Franco y Pedro Torres 

Polivalents #12: Materials and Futures

Note from the resident artists:

“For the Polivalents 2020 we propose a change of format, not only influenced by all the paradigm shifts as a consequence of the pandemic, but also by the feeling of a certain exhaustion of the previous format. In this sense, Polyvalents 2020 is less festive and perhaps, it could be said, more reflective. We have created study, research and experimentation groups around common interests that, in the end, have given rise to two working groups among the resident artists. One dedicated to think, articulate or expand themes related to the future, from the speculative and writing, and the other, of a more practical and experimental nature, to investigate “new” materials.

In both groups we decided that the important thing was the process and the shared and collective learning, and that the way to collectivize it, according to the specificities of each group, was a “public” moment, understood more as a temporary window, an opening to processes that are still in progress, than as an end.

In the Futures group, we agreed to work from writing and speculate about future stories. We also decided that this year was just the beginning. The future does not stop, does not wait or never arrives, and we will continue – in polyvalent future – to work around it. We have done physical and mental exercises, we have visited places, we have read books, we have thrown the tarot? In order to materialize the experiences, the knowledge and the texts gathered, we have dynamized a web page that will serve as a container, but also as a research labyrinth. We have entrusted it to Taller Estampa and we are in the process of feeding it and being fed by it.

In the Materials group, we have dedicated ourselves to explore new materialities for us or that appealed to us from the unknown. We have made a virtual incursion into MaterFAD’s collection of materials. A selection of materials linked to certain reactions and light. Blender in hand, we got into the kitchen to make some biomaterials recipes. Gelatin, agar agar, spirulina, pigments, grams and racks. We also bought various materials to experiment with and started tinkering with arduino. Some of this may also be shared.

The presentation scheduled for February 26, 2021 is a meeting as a visible and open moment of the Polivalents that were developed throughout 2020.”

Hangar’s artists-in-residence

With the complicity of:

Futures: Taller Estampa
Materials: MaterFAD, Anastasia Pistofidou / Fabricademy, Antonio Mechas


Supported by:

Drawing by Aldo Urbano
Image: Amalia S. de Nieves

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