Presentation, screening and talk with Agustín Ortiz

On Saturday February 24th at 12 the artist in residence Agustín Ortiz presents the documentary Potenciación a largo plazo, co-produced by Hangar, in El Umbral de Primavera, Madrid.

This project wants to reflect on the paradoxical audiovisual representation of the present, which immediately becomes an evocation of the past. Human memory is imperfect, or rather one could say that it is plastic, malleable. There is a direct relationship between what is remembered and what has been forgotten. That relationship changes with the passage of time. It is not difficult to manipulate memory, but we always have a certain capacity for resistance. However, from a political point of view, enhancing forgetfulness is more effective, what is forgotten collectively does not return.

With the participation of: Paco Mora, Anabel Moreno, Blanca Pàmpols, Eulàlia Rovira, Maria Sellarés, Núria Soler, Natalia Campos, Jaby Jaby, Asunción Casalod, Andrea Rodríguez and Robyn Nesbitt.

Free entry, limited capacity.



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