Alicia Arévalo

Long-term residency

May 2024 - April 2026

Alicia Arévalo. Salamanca, 1998

Alicia Arévalo is an artist, researcher, and educator. They graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and ABK Stuttgart, and obtained a Ph.D. in Contemporary Art History from the Reina Sofía National Museum Art Center and the UCM. They are currently pursuing a doctoral thesis at the University of Barcelona on Xenosoundscapes and collaborate with the research group TEIDE, Emergency Temporalities, interested in the interdisciplinary analysis of the idea of time facing a wounded world.

Their research and artistic practice revolves around the construction of queer and interspecies futures in alliance with technology. They generate displaced fictions of the body concept, taking the form of sound, performative, audiovisual, and sculptural narratives. An exercise of imagination shapes and dismembers their work to glimpse times that twist while looking to the past and the future. They trace fantasy imaginaries as an emancipatory tool for dissent and create sculptures with biomaterials that function as crusts, skins, and sticky creatures. Their work comprises multiple compositions, fantastic hybridizations, mutant bodies that dynamite us into a plurality and lead us to configure worlds collectively.

They have held exhibitions and performances at La Panera (Lleida, 2024), Intermediae Matadero (Madrid, 2024), Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona, 2023), La Capella (Barcelona, 2022), The Clemente (New York, 2022), Festival MMMAD (Madrid, 2021), Habitación Número 34 (Madrid, 2022), Festival ExAbrupto (Moià, 2023), Festival Argiartean (San Sebastián, 2023), Kunstverein Hechingen (2018), and Galerie Kunstbezirk (Stuttgart, 2019). They are the winner of the Can Felipa Arts Visuals 2023 award and the Sala d’Art Jove 2024 creation award. They have participated in artistic residencies at L’Estruch (Sabadell) and Konvent Zero (Berga). Some of their conferences include Facilitating the Future at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB, 2022) as a presentation of the book New Vectors of Xenofeminism by Laboria Cuboniks; and The Role of Archives in Contemporary Creation (Panoràmic Festival. Reial Cercle Artístic. Barcelona, 2023).

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