Serafín Álvarez

Hangar's Production Grant 2017

June 2017

Serafín Álvarez, León 1985

Hangar’s Production Grant 2017

Period of residence:

june 2017

Serafín Álvarez is an artist and researcher. He was born in León (Spain) in 1985. He now lives and works in Barcelona.
His work focuses on popular media depictions of subjective experiences mediated by technological and scientific developments, specially changes in the perception of reality. His most recent projects develop heterogeneous approaches to various aspects of science fiction, specially how concepts associated with otherness and the journey into the unknown are represented in contemporary audiovisual media such as cinema and video games, through work methodologies that reproduce certain creative practices commonly used by fan audiences of the genre.
He has a BA and a MA from the University of Barcelona, where he is currently doing a research project on transmedia expansion of science fiction as part of his PhD.
He has shown his work at centres such as Asakusa (Tokyo), CA2M (Móstoles), CAC (Vilnius), Junefirst Gallery (Berlin), MACBA (Barcelona), MUSAC (León), La Panera (Lleida) and Trafó (Budapest) amongst others.
Apart from his artistic and academic practices, other projects include Ona, an art educational program that he curates at Sant Andreu Contemporani; Gravitacions, an art educational project that he runs at Fundació Joan Miró’s Espai 13; and Sons de Barcelona, a pedagogical project linked to the Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University.

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