Tamara Kuselman

Tamara Kuselman, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1980

Period of residence: January 2011 – December 2012

Tamara Kuselman‘s interests are diverse and variable. During the process of constructing her work, elements are changed and new meanings added along with them. This is why she proposes them to be understood as a series of doors opening onto more doors.

Many of her works arise from the idea of Representation in its broadest sense: from fictional representation on the stage and in art, to people’s behaviour in everyday life. She explores the frontiers between reality and fiction, setting up situations in which these become muddled.

She tends to work alongside collaborators, and many of her performances are documented in publications, videos and installations, summarising participants’ experiences.

The audience is an active part of her projects. The message that is transmitted to the spectators tends to blend in with the normal behavior of the context hence making them question their own role in it.

’s interests are diverse and varied. Instead of reducing her work to terms as broad as representation, narration, communication, or interpersonal relations, the artist tries to make her work be seen as a set of doors that lead to yet other doors, leaving its interpretation to the viewer so that he may create the associations he may deem relevant.



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