Tatiana Muñoz Melo

Tatiana Muñoz Melo, Barcelona 1993

Period of residence: May 2016

Ever since I can remember I have always carried with me a notebook where I draw what I see and I see what I draw.

After two years of high school in the Massana School, I started a degree in Arts and Design at the same school.

During this time at Massana I have been learning “hands-on”, from the matter, knowing and transforming it in relation to an idea that in turn is transformed with the matter. I wanted to learn all I could from which I think is a singularity of the school: the traditional crafts workshops. I have found myself with a bit of a Frankenstein profile since I know a bit of everything, but I’m not a specialist in anything.

The school journey has been an exploration where I rarely saw anything as a result, but as a process that was leading me to a new idea.

During this month residency at Hangar’s cabin I will conclude the last part of my journey in the Massana School: the End of Degree Project.

My purpose in Hangar space is to use the material that I find most fascinating and with which I feel more identified: clay.

The idea comes from the concepts of house and home, of living, from the hypothesis of whether it makes sense physical inactivity and discomfort in relation to policies regarding migratory movements out of armed conflicts. A look back to retrieve ways to do, now obsolete and that, in my opinion, make much sense at the present time.

Finally, as a temporary settled at Hangar I intend to transform the raw material that I have around me, clay. My intention is to transform it into an oven. This first oven will bake the containers where I’ll eat and cook and bake ceramic bricks. And so, like 3d printers that grow as you go on printing, I want to bake bricks with which to build bigger furnaces that could even build a house.

The furnaces, while cooking clay may also serve to cook. And so, hands, clay and fire can start building what I need to eat and live.


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