Scriptwriting course for immersive formats by BeAnotherLab

Hangar and Sala Beckett organise the Scriptwriting Course for Immersive Formats by the collective in residence BeAnotherLab. The workshop is part of the Sala Beckett’s Obrador d’Estiu programme.

Dates: from 13th to 18th July 2020
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm
Space: Sala Ricson – Hangar
Price: 240 euros

Registration here.

Through a 24-hour theoretical-practical tour, BeAnotherLab invites participants to get to know and explore the possibilities and new horizons that immersive formats based on the combination of virtual reality and embodiment or perception techniques of inhabiting a body different from one’s own pose on a narrative level.

During the course, participants will be able to experiment with some of the different formats for design, interaction and creation in Immersive Virtual Reality developed by the artistic and research collective BeAnotherLab in its project “The Machine To Be Another”*, while at the same time obtaining a historical perspective regarding research intoi embodiment illusions in cognitive sciences and neuropsychology. They will learn how to create “Embodied Virtual Reality” experiences and participate in the practical process of creation of an immersive narrative in VR 360º format.

By combining theory and practice in every session, those attending will have the opportunity to participate organically in the entire process of creation and production of an immersive 360º narrative, from writing the script and the initial design of the prototype for interaction to the production and final presentation of the experience. BeAnotherLab will guide and assist the throughout the creative process and will place at the disposal of participants the material and technical knowledge necessary for production (VR Ready computers, 180/360º cameras, binaural microphones, VR reproduction devices, video stitching devices, general post-production techniques, etc.). The course offers, therefore, the possibility for initialisation and familiarisation with this type of equipment and techniques.

*“The Machine To Be Another” (TMBA), or in Catalan, “La Màquina de Ser Un altre”,  is a bodified Virtual Reality System that enables individuals to  experience the world through the eyes and the body of another person. Through a combination of virtual reality, cognitive sciences and digital and performative arts, TMBA offers users the possibility of seeing themselves in a different body while they move and interact with the space and with realistic sensorial feedback. The system also functions as an open platform for co-designing immersive experiences based on the premise of managing to inhabit the skin of another person.

The Obrador d’estiu programme is part of the GREC 2020 Festival in Barcelona.

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