House of Displacement Barcelona

House of Displacement Barcelona is a six-day festival curated by CampoBase which takes place in the Poblenou neighborhood (and online) from 23 to 28 September. The program tackles the issue of displacement, understood as a shared contemporary experience, adopting an immersive and participatory approach.

The term displacement defines the movement of a body from a place to another in space. In the last years it has been used to describe a complex and multi-layered condition, linked to the dysfunctions of advanced capitalist societies, both with reference to the tourist and migratory flows and to the related phenomena of gentrification, and in its psychological and social connotations of estrangement. The neoliberal paradigm in its globalized dimension has created a conception of space in which the passage of borders, the flows of objects, individuals and information are strictly regulated. Every aspect of contemporary life —society, science, technology and nature itself— is increasingly defined by movement and human mobility. This has profound repercussions on our way of being in the world that develops through non-linear and precarious trajectories from the emotional, economic, gender, as well as geographical point of view.

How to orient ourselves in a world of constant change? How can we see the question of displacement as an opportunity for action and not a limiting factor?

House of Displacement Barcelona creates a temporary platform that aims to collectively explore new ways of living displacement. The project creates the paradox of a displaced house, by pairing together two contradictory words: on the one hand the solid structure to inhabit, on the other a state of instability and precariousness. During the weekend, the public is invited to live and experience this condition in different places of the Poblenou neighborhood, through a series of artistic interventions and workshops, in the belief that each movement produces an effect of knowledge.

The festival ends with Paratext, the final event of the residency, which consists in a moment of collective reflection on the shared experience.

The participating artists in House of Displacement Barcelona are:

Lucía Egaña Rojas (Münster, Chile, 1979)

La Más Bella (Pepe Murciego & Diego Ortiz)

Sofía Montenegro (Madrid, 1988)

Anna Irina Russell (Barcelona, 1993)

Here more information on the program of the festival.

Registration is free of charge.

The event will take place in Hangar and in the surrounding area of Poblenou.

Encura is a project in collaboration with hablarenarte and Curators’ Network, with the support of Ministerio de Cultura.

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