Start of Iterations # 3

From October 31st to November 15th Hangar hosts the second iteration of the Iterations project formed by Antonia Manhartsberger, Connie Mendoza, Giulia Deval, Azahara Ubera, Iris Torruella, Julia Gorostidi, Rosa Llop.

Iterations is a European project committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digital networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and professionals come together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible forms of artistic collaboration. Through a series of practical residencies and discursive exhibitions, Iterations offers situations in which artists collectively experience new forms of artistic work that generate spaces for collectivity and collaboration.

The project is structured around the conceptual model of “iteration”. Inspired by the recursive forms of collaboration as they exist in the development of open source software, the Iterations project applies the repetition and circularity of artistic methodologies, in which the result of one activity is used as a starting point for the next. In each iteration, a group of artists is invited to develop in residence a collaborative artistic proposal based on one or more of the results of the previous iteration. The last iteration of Iterations took place in Sicily in April 2018 within the framework of Trasformatorio. Prior to the residency in Hangar this November, artists who participated in the iteration in Sicily have met with the artists who have participated in the residency in Barcelona to give them the material that has been one of the starting points of the collaborative work that has been developed in Hangar. The institutions participating in Iteration are Constant (Brussels, Belgium), Esc (Graz, Austria), Trasformatorio (Amsterdam, Holland) and Hangar.

The public presentation of the project will be on November 14 at 7pm at Paratext #31.

The Iterations project is co-financed by:

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