Third session PUAJ! Laboratory of living cultures

Gaia, the living Earth, transcends in much to any particular organism or even
any population. The residue of one organism is the food of another. Unable to distinguish between someone’s food and someone else’s waste, the Gaia system recycles material on a global level. Gaia, the system, emerges from ten million or more connected living species that form its incessantly active body.


On January 16th, from 7 to 9 pm, Hangar’s Wetlab hosts Pink Flamingos, Spirulina and Urine, the third session PUAJ! — Laboratory of living cultures.

The laboratory will start from Lovelock’s “Gaia hypothesis”, forgetting the idea of the environment as a static stage, and will imagine it together with life as a unique system that, like the body, is made up of billions of life forms working together that grow, metabolize, produce and modify their surroundings. In the process of understanding how parts of the environment can become organized within the body, they will invoke aquatic ancestors who allowed humans to become bone structure by metabolizing calcium, an overabundant toxic waste in seawater.

The meeting will recognize and name Spirulina as cyanobacteria, a determining life form in the evolution of the terrestrial biosphere, found in the alkaline lakes where pink flamingos drink, and will discuss the fact that it continues to be marketed as algae. Taking into account the ecological impact of how food is grown, it is proposed to research and experiment with technologies for growing Spirulina at home, using urine as food, a local, inexpensive ingredient, with an optimal ratio of macronutrients. Nourish yourself with the light of Spirulina illuminating your cells, with its protein and chlorophyll, a cleansing phytonutrient, detoxifying for the blood which under the microscope is confused with it; hydrate yourself with the lively water of the first session and talk about what is to come…

If you are interested in participating in any way you can contact us through the mailing list or write to sonia(at)

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