Iterations is committed to the future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts. Multidisciplinary artists and practitioners are brought together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible modes of artistic collaboration.

The project is structured around the conceptual model of ‘iteration’. Inspired by recursive forms of collaboration as they exists in open source software development, the project Iterations applies repetition and circularity to artistic methodologies, in which the output from one activity is used as the input to the next. Iterations extends into art-related fields by addressing aesthetic, ethic and legal aspects of multi-authorship, commons based economics, political and social potentials that open up around the artistic. Following the open source philosophy, the project establishes common grounds to all activities.

Iterations builds up to a coherent set of practices, resources and documentation that will be made accessible to specific targeted groups (amongst others: artists, programmers and activists) as well as to a wider audience, allowing the outputs and results to reach beyond the limits of the project duration.

Partners: Constant, Association for Art and MediaEsc medien kunst labor, Hangar

With the support of:


Book Sprint
Date: February 28th and 29th
Continuing the exploration of experimental forms of collective work, Hangar is hosting a Book Sprint in collaboration with partners Constant (Brussels, Belgium) and Esc (Graz, Austria). Peter Westenberg, Femke Snelting, Nayari Castillo, Manetta Berends, Jara Rocha, Lluís Nacenta and Ludovica Michelin will participate in the activity.

Next-Iterations: a festive publication presentation
Date: May 17th and 18th
Iterations project consortium, formed by Constant (Brussels, Belgium) Esc (Graz, Austria) and Hangar, organizes an online festive publication presentation with contributions ranging from live radio transmissions to body exercises, talks, soundscapes and visual interventions.

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