PRACTICABLE 6_Open Call. “Between molding and un-molding: practices from the leftovers” with con Sara Manente and Santiago Ribelles Zorita

Between molding and un-molding: practices from the leftovers is a study group led by Sara Manente and Santiago Ribelles Zorita that will take place in Hangar on April 8 and 9.

Using the vocabulary and imagery of fermentation and mycelium, we propose different ways of engaging with bodies (ours and others) from the performances Mold and Per tal d’acabar finalmente amb mi mateix: between molding and contaminating, between the constrictions of a structure that defines a form and a spontaneous, generative proliferation, impossible to harness, between a mold for casting and a fungal mold.

This research aims to find entrances to experiment with dance, sculpture and writing as processes of de-molding, putrefaction, ruins, decomposition, and composting. During two days, we share our practices in the form of a study group with a dozen professional performers and sculptors, whose work resonates with these thematics.

In the case of movement, we will resort to small gestures or dynamics, with our own body, that of other people or with objects, sustaining an affection produced by desire but subtracting the emotional triggers, so that passing from one moment to another from one gesture to another, we can generate a set of islands that will be affected by succession, proximity or accumulation, always undoing the mold that seeks a determining meaning.

Drawing from the craft of soft basketry, we will weave a territory in transformation with the body and the elements of the space. Interested in the process more than the artifact, we will design the tools to turn the making into a practice. Possible narratives intertwine, not for the sake of creating a story, or a define a finished form, but rather making and unmaking from what is left in each moment

Practical Information
Date: Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th April.
Time: 4 to 8 pm.
Place: Sala Ricson, Hangar.
Registration required: Free activity for a maximum group of 12 participants. To participate, please send an email with a short letter of motivation to veronica(at) before Tuesday 2nd April, with “Between molding and un-molding” in the subject line.

Sara Manente studied dance and semiotics before coming to Brussels, where she works as an artist and researcher. Her projects start from the images and matter of living cultures and fungi in relation to performing arts. In different formats, she reflects on the possible contagion/transfer between pedagogy, research, performance and publication. (bio corta)

Santiago Ribelles Zorita is a performer, curator, cultural manager, assistant director for stage and choreographer. He is based in Valencia. His own work combines stage work, performances, interventions and actions, with a focus on theatrical conventions, uncodified dance and the body’s movement, meanings and boundaries. He is also interested in a certain regard on sexuality, gender and politics of the body.

Image: Sara Manente, Ejercicio en junco.

This call forms part of the research line Practicable and the exchange programme between Hangar and the BUDA Art Centre in Kotrick, Belgium.

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