K.O.T.O.O.P.A.X.I, an Andean khipunk ritual fable

At the beginning it was the future. In the beginning was the Andean future. At the beginning was the Andean future. At the beginning was the Andean future. In the beginning the Andean future was a sound, a hydrographic reverberation, a rumor of water, a liquid noise that was heard, the ocean was heard, the flying fish, the secret of the bones, the petrified ceramic figurines, the marine deposits, the obsidian octopuses, refulgent micro-plastic creatures, enormous remains of unknown cetaceans, copper algae, a macaw, sea foam, seahorses, vegetable combs, megalithic bubbles, the worm, custard apples, golden reefs, huge posidonia meadows, oily waters, cotton spirits, opacities, the voice of quipocamayo, could be heard: at the beginning the future was Andean.

On November 24 at 7:00 p.m. a little hydro-cosmic door opens in the Ricson Room of Hangar, a space-time centered on the gesture of narrating; of telling, with simplicity, part of an Andean sci-fi fable that gathers a journey, internal and external, through volcanoes, Amazonian rivers and an oceanic scientific research center. 

K.O.T.O.O.P.A.X.I, an Andean khipunk ritual fable is an open activity in which Mafe Moscoso will share the advances of her research UN OCEANO (POR) VENIR: etnoficciones cuir, in the framework of the Eighth Artistic Research Grant Fundación banco Sabadell-Hangar. Furthermore, the activity is part of Xarxaprod’s open day as part of the Uncertain Futures axis.

The ICM Science and Art group has participated in the scientific support of this residency and the artist has been able to hear the voices of ICM staff through interviews or work sessions. Specifically, Arantza Ugalde, Valentí Sallarés, Jordi Camp, David Casas, Marta Umbert, Carine Simon, Elena Martínez Batalla, María Vicioso and Vanessa Balagué have collaborated on this project.

Practical information
Day: Friday, November 24th, 2023
Time: 7 pm
Sala Ricson, Hangar
Free admission

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