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Activity postponed. New date to be confirmed.

As part of the SPECTRAL activities dedicated to Expanded Cinematic Arts, the Crater-Lab project in residence presents the seminar/workshop Pantalla traspuesta by Antoni Pinent, filmmaker, artist and curator of contemporary art. A theoretical-practical creative meeting in which participants will carry out a project around the concept of the screen.

During 2 theoretical sessions + 1 practical session, a possible journey through the history of the image in motion will be proposed, inhabiting both the conventional space of the ‘dark room’ and its transfer and inclusion in the ‘white cube’ and the overflow of the screen.

Beyond the confrontation of images in motion as black box vs. white cube, the aim will be to explore the potential symbiosis of the different exhibition forms that can coexist, as well as the challenge of their incorporation into different spaces and how this affects their perception.

To this end, an overview will be given of the historiography of some exhibition/installation/performance proposals and a study will be made of some seminal works by artists such as László Moholy-Nagy, Nam June Paik, Paul Sharits, Michael Snow, Anthony McCall, Morgan Fisher, José Val del Omar, Marinella Pirelli, Rosa Barba, Peter Tscherkassky and Tacita Dean; Works by artists from other latitudes and contemporary artists such as Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder, Andrés Denegri, Jorge Lorenzo, Colectivo Luz y Fuerza, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Adrià Julià; as well as more conceptual proposals such as those by Fabio Mauri, Morgan Fisher or Tony Conrad (the Yellow Movies series, 1972-1973) or Margaret Honda.

The seminar is conceived as a place for the exchange of ideas and open dialogue, aimed both at people involved in the field and at those interested in learning about its internal theoretical and/or practical mechanisms. A space to reflect on the analogical, installation, performative, conceptual field and its specificities. Participants will be provided with a bibliographical list in order to extend the content beyond the duration of the class.

In addition, the seminar/workshop proposes, after sharing knowledge and personal experiences of different exhibition projects and illustrating the routes and different uses of screens – and their overflows – to carry out, as a practical work with the participants, a new installation/film/performative sculpture. In this sense, the final objective of the workshop is the creation of one or more collective pieces that overflow the concept of the screen, with the possibility of showing these resulting works at the Festival de Artes Cinematicas Expandidas ALUD! #3

NOTE *: The selected proposal(s) will be performed in a group, during a period to be determined with the participants. The characteristics, location and spatio-temporal framework will be indicated during the workshop. This will be the practice resulting from the workshop.

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Practical information
Day: 30 June, 1 and 7 July
Duration: 10 hours
Venue: Hangar. Space to be confirmed.
Maximum places: 12
Price: 50 €.
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