Rarefacció 2/2: Strawberry Lime / Rumbler / Gatasanta

On 26 April Hangar presents the fourth and double session of Rarefacció 2024, a listening cycle curated by Sergi Botella, which is part of the Audio Formal/Politics of Listening research line and aims to present proposals that revolve around music and sound from an experimental and unconventional perspective. The guests invited for this second part, which will be held in the Sala Vol, are Strawberry Lime, Rumbler and Gatasanta.

Practical information
Date: 26 April 2024
Doors open: 11pm
Tickets: 10 € here

Strawberry Lime
Strawberry Lime is a collective formed by Xavier Golanó and Kentaro Terajima. They met through a mutual friend in Barcelona in 2007, but didn’t communicate much at first because of the language barrier. But music brought them together. A few months later, they met by chance on the dance floor of Barcelona’s BeCool nightclub. They hit it off after discovering they had common interests, and since then they have been talking about music, hanging out on dance floors and in bars, and even DJing together at parties and small events. They share the same values when it comes to music and clubbing.

Xavier Golanó discovered electronic music at the end of the 90s and it has been a part of his life ever since. Flyers and magazines from the 2000s introduced him to graphic design, his current profession. His stay in Berlin had a strong influence on his music and his understanding of the dancefloor. He is a co-founder of the Comissió Nocturna de Barcelona and a member of the experimental and avant-garde music festival Mostra. He also organises events with other local DJs and participates in activities related to music and club culture.

Kentaro Terajima is a graphic designer from Tokyo and lives in Barcelona since 2010. Since his first trip to Berlin in 1998, music, especially techno, has been part of his life. Sometimes it takes up more and sometimes less, but it is always there. He organises and participates in some parties and cultural activities from time to time. He organises the Album Listening event at Sala VOL on an irregular basis, and has a show (Rhythm Is Rhythm) with Carolina Jiménez at dublab BCN since 2022. He is also part of the Mostra festival team.

Sound system culture, endless club nights and the constant influence of hip hop and syncopated rhythms define the sonic universe of Barcelona based producer and sound designer Rumbler.

After a long career as a DJ, promoter and cultural dynamiser in labels and collectives such as Abundance, Puro Futuro or Iberian Juke, in 2018 Rumbler revealed his facet as a producer with the remix of Highkili by Puñalito Plata, a track that automatically became the closing song of all the Canarian artist’s live performances. After this impressive start, his career has quickly grown to include collaborations with artists such as Brava, Megane Mercury and Broken Lip, as well as his own productions such as Muévelo and NRG.

With all of them, Rumbler has sculpted a sound that ranges from dancehall to breaks to ambient. An eclecticism that can also be enjoyed when he is behind the decks. In his DJ sets, the sounds of Continuum Hardcore come together with ghetto music or house, with the sole aim of generating heat on the dancefloor, which has led him to perform at festivals such as Outlook, Sónar, Embassa’t or L’Estrany, and on reference radio stations such as NTS, Rinse France, Operator or Reform.

Gatasanta Gatasanta began her career as a DJ in the underground circles of Bogotá, acquiring a taste for punk and electronica after discovering Cybotron, an essential project of the Detroit techno scene. In the 2000s, she moved to Paris to develop his career, focusing on electro and lysergic techno, transferring an energetic spirit, organising various events and collaborating with labels. Later she moved to Barcelona, where she discovered new ways of embracing sound, experimenting and producing the psychic electronica project Amas with Ivana Ray Singh, and later establishing her solo live show Whitechief, in which she projects a large part of his current creative process, drawing an intense line towards sonic abstraction.



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