Open Call for Resident Projects 2024-2026

From now until May 20, 2024, the application period is open.
Available spots: 2 projects
Entry: September 2024
Duration: until August 2025
Selection outcome: end of May 2024
Fee: €85/month + VAT (Groups of up to 5 people)
€150/month + VAT (Groups of more than 5 people)
Deposit: 1 month’s rent, which will be refunded at the end of the stay.

What are resident projects?
“Resident projects” are intended for groups of creators or professionals who share a project that is not an artistic product but rather a tool or platform that provides logistical or technical support for creation. Resident projects are structures that support contemporary creation or thought and are mainly oriented towards technical training, production, knowledge transfer, or new forms of distribution.

Applicant profiles
Projects of collective or community management that aim to generate knowledge, learning, and/or shared resources. Therefore, many of the projects that have been residents at Hangar are technical environments that draw from maker culture or DIY or DIWO processes, although it is not an essential requirement. We accept projects that may be coordinated by a single person, but only if they are directed towards, governed by, or involve a participatory community.

“Resident Projects” correspond to what we previously called “Resident Collectives.” The name change aims to clarify that this call is not aimed at groups of artists, meaning it is not aimed at artists who sign works as a collective. Nor is it aimed at groups of artists dedicated to the joint promotion of their individual works. People must converge around a structural project that goes beyond the sum of its members.

We are also interested in projects that have a critical and political perception of technology and production methodologies, or those that experiment with responses to issues that concern us such as ecological transition, the tacit governance of infrastructures, gender, class, or race privileges, and neoliberal dysfunctions.

Residency at Hangar is an opportunity to consolidate these projects and connect them with the creation and thought communities they are aimed at. We are interested in projects that have started to unfold but find in Hangar a physical and conceptual place where they can nourish themselves and, at the same time, grow and nurture the Hangar communities.

Some examples of projects that have been residents at Hangar:
DIY lab bio BCN, Toplap, Befaco, Lumbung Press o Crater-Lab.

Residency Objectives
Resident projects at Hangar are conceived as projects capable of generating conceptual and practical interrelation with the center and its communities. We are interested in projects whose nature requires a collective dimension. The project’s scope of work should be oriented towards theoretical or practical research, with a strong emphasis on experimentation and the development of open and freely accessible tools or creation support infrastructures that facilitate creative processes and knowledge transfer.

What Hangar Provides
– 24/7 access to workspace every day of the week.
– Workspace within a shared area on the ground floor of Hangar’s Nave 1 and access to common spaces open to the use of different residents.
– Resident projects can use the following shared resources: digital image and editing video lab, Ricson, Polivalente, and Former Offices, for the realization of the collective’s own activities and with prior consensus with the center.
– Free participation in other activities or workshops, subject to availability and prior reservation.
– Free access to all Hangar activities taking place at the center, subject to availability and capacity constraints.
– Support in promoting projects and their activities when they take place at the center or have a close connection to the center, through a space on our website and periodic communication via newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
– An open and cross-cutting community, formed by artists, developers, and other agents.

What Resident Projects Contribute to Hangar
– Activities, theoretical knowledge through the creation, care, and branching of learning communities and content around their specialization.
– Transdisciplinary work methodologies that incorporate other areas not directly related to the visual arts context.
– Research, creation, and critical practices around production tools.

Commitments of Resident Projects
– Provide free advice from their practice within the center and to other residents.
– Participate in Open Thursdays programme to make their contents and technologies available to all individuals who come to the center.
– Generate and nurture learning communities around their area of work.
– Provide new resources that may be available to Hangar’s inhabitants and residents or increase the capabilities of Hangar’s environment and the artistic community in general.
– Cooperate in the dissemination of activities and enrich the programmatic lines of Hangar.
– Responsibility in the use of the center’s resources for their activities.
– Contribute to the expenses associated with their presence (monthly fees).
– Include Hangar’s collaboration in all project communication elements.

The application must be made electronically by sending a single document in PDF format to ariadna(at) with the subject “Open call for resident projects 2024”. Deadline for receiving applications: May 20, 2024.

Documentation to be submitted
The application must be submitted in a single PDF including the required information below:

1. Presentation and objectives of the requesting association/entity – specifying the legal entity. (up to 2500 characters including spaces).
2. Number of members and profile of each of them.
3. General lines of activity (up to 2500 characters including spaces).
4. Operating time.
5. Network(s) it is part of.
6. Types of applicable licenses.
7. Annual budget and types of funding.

8. Project objectives at Hangar in relation to its own working lines (up to 2500 characters including spaces).
9. Possible relationship of the project with other residents – artists + projects- (up to 2500 characters including spaces).
10. What does the project contribute to the Hangar communities? What will be its public openings or ways of returning the activity to the public sphere? (up to 3500 characters including spaces).
11. What does Hangar contribute to the project? (up to 2500 characters including spaces).

12. Uses of the space (up to 500 characters including spaces).
13. Machinery/tools used in the work environment (up to 500 characters including spaces).
14. Number of people continuously using the space (up to 500 characters including spaces).
15. Other needs (up to 500 characters including spaces).

IMPORTANT: Applications that do not include the required information and/or exceed the length limits will not be accepted. Late applications will not be accepted. Due to the usual volume of applications, it is not possible to provide individual feedback, but we will publish a jury evaluation that may serve as general feedback.

Selection Process
The selection process is carried out every two years through an open call for any collective project, with no age, origin, or legal form restrictions. In the first phase, a preselection is made among all received applications, and the final selection is decided through a personal interview with the members of the preselected projects.

The selection process is overseen by a member of Hangar’s Stable Jury along with the center’s management and an invited external professional. Miguel Ángel de Heras, responsible for the software/hardware and interaction laboratory, and Ariadna Guiteras, responsible for resident coordination, will participate in the deliberation with voice but without vote. The selection committee reserves the right to leave the positions in the call vacant.

Evaluation Criteria
– Presentation of all documents and materials requested by the call, in the requested format and with the indicated length.
– Interest in the proposal and solidity of the trajectory, activity, and profile of the collective.
– Connection with Hangar’s practices and research lines as well as with its communities, users, and audiences, and how the relationship with them is imagined.
– Generation of critical discourses around tools and technologies.
– Connection to other local and international spaces, entities, or projects.
– Complementarity with the rest of the selected proposals will be taken into account, as well as with the resident artists at Hangar during the same period, considering collectives that may be underrepresented.
– It will be valued if the collective’s activity includes the development of tools (conceptual, material, technological, etc.).
– The time when the collective would become part of Hangar and how the center can contribute to consolidating it and developing new dimensions of its activity.

Data Protection
– In accordance with data protection regulations, it is informed that personal data must be processed by Hangar to manage participation in the framework of this call. By legal obligation, the data will not be transferred to third parties. You have the right to access the data provided, rectify them, and delete them, as well as to exercise other rights established in the current data protection regulations.
– The submission of projects under this call implies the presumption of authorship, with the responsibility for any eventual claims arising lying with the party submitting the project.

You can listen to the informational session audio here.


For more information and submission of applications
Ariadna Guiteras


Image: Lumbung Press

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