The Orbital project Orchestra of Chaos presents Reverberant in Hangar, an initiative of the Fundació Apel·les Fenosa with the collaboration of the Orchestra of Chaos and the Master’s Degree in Sound Art of the University of Barcelona.

This series is made up of eight essentially sonorous proposals, although occasionally supported by images and composed under very different aesthetic prisms. Their common background is the contemplation of memory from the perspective of sound creation, which is listening. Almost everything is memory in sound, because, due to its transience, once it is extinguished in the space where it was produced, it reverberates for a time in it; and when this reverberation is extinguished, it continues to exist, perhaps reverberating forever, in the mind, which, in fact, is also a space. Special space, space of spaces, the mind contains, among other things, music, whose limits are, in addition to those of the perception of sound in subjective time and space, those of the perception of perception itself, which is diluted in a seemingly endless loop, who knows if infinite, who knows if it is equivalent to some closed and bounded set of points, compact, homothetic, of non-integer dimensions, fractal, because, unlike Euclidean space, that which, although it could be an illusion, according to the evidence that our everyday life supplies us with, seems to be where we live.

Each proposal contains one or several works by a single artist specialising in the artistic use of sound and will be presented for approximately one month at the Cup of the Fundació Apel-les Fenosa in El Vendrell, a space with special reverberant characteristics that contradict our usual spatial experience and, therefore, inspire the transversal meditation on memory as a result of reverberation that justifies this programme.

All the proposals are exhibited in the Cup of the Apel·les Fenosa Museum.

Gonzalo Biffarella – 20 January
Macarena Solervicens – 2 March
Ginebra Raventós de Volart – 13 April
Josep Manuel Berenguer – 1 June
Mila Von Chobiak – 3 August
Malu Hatoum – 28 September
Diana Medina – 9 November
Pau Capdevila – 14 December

Curated by Josep Manuel Berenguer.
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Practical information
Day: 17 January 2024
Time: 19 h
Place: Sala Ricson, Hangar
Free admission

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