The artist Shu Lea Cheang looks for local collaboration and co-play!!

Besides being known as a wild card media
artist, Shu Lea directed a Japanese scifi porn, I.K.U. (feature
dv-35mm, 2000, premiered at Sundance Film
for which she has gained a cult film
director notority  and continues to have impact on cyberpunk
For Hangar residency, she will be working
on UKI, a sort of IKU sequal to be developed as episodic Cinema Live
Mix. UKI reverse IKU’s "This is Sex, This is not love"
slogan to" This is Love, this is not sex". The sex replicant
resurfaces from IKU orgasmo data doom, unleashes her virus self, spams
and spanks her love into the contested territories.

UKI is her attempt to mingle with software
and body virus for cinematic remix.
Sh’s interested in working with virus
writing/hacking, PD patches with live input, public intervention via
wifi gadgets. Aiming for one hour live VJ/DJ performance format, she
looks for barcelona hardcore and soft-grammers
to co-play…

Shu Lea Cheang, artist, conceptualist and
filmmaker, works in the field  of net-based installation, social
interface, networked performance  and film production. Her work
traverses between hard and soft,  sex and polities, fiction and
reality,  fantasia and earth-bound.   Noted for BRANDON
(1998-1999) , the first Guggenheim Museum web art commission and
permanent collection, she continues to work on several narrative
streams and diversed medium/genres.  Her Locker Baby Project
series started with Baby Play (2001) at  NTT[ICC], Tokyo and 
Baby Love at Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2005. In 2007, commissioned by
Sundance Film Festival New Frontier, she presented  MOBIOPERA,
collective public cinema shot with mobilephones.  In 2008, she
co-directed  a 12 hour sonic performance event Moving Forest at
Transmediale08 Berlin.

Selected project websites
BRANDON (1998-1999)

BABY LOVE (2005)



Agliomania (2008)
Fisting Club (2008)

Collective work (as

Kingdom of Piracy (since

TAKE2030 (since 2003,

Mumbai Streaming Attack (since 2004, Zurich

Andes Sprouts Society (since 2007, New York

LaptopsRus (since 2008, Madrid

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