Open call to participate in Ada Machine

Dates: 29th of June until 9th of July of 2011
from 16:00 to 20:00
Hangar’s studio space
Send your name and a short bio
Free admission, limited places.

"Ada Machine" is a project that is open to participation, where live experiments with the body and technology will be carried out, integrating audio, video, and different techniques for physical training, looking for tonus (qualities) of presence. We propose to think of 3 types of bodies: technological, cultural, and biological bodies, using movement, sound, and image to create a play of "inter-corporeal" presences.

The working group is made up of Cinthia Mendonça, Paloma Oliveira, Brunella Provvidente, Virginia Barcellos, Vanessa de Michelis (Brazil) Luciana Fleischman (Argentina), Lisa Kori Chung (New York) with Laura Malenverni (Barcelona)’s collaboration. These are women from different professional areas and interests who insist on a practice based on the interaction of aesthetic languages applied to the field of multimedia.

"ADA Machine" proposes the creation of a machine for the making presences through the exploitation of the body and its combination with analogical and digital technology, thus broadening its presence, and its functions between the real and the virtual. The machine for creating presences works in a temporal spiral, beyond the Cartesian timeline. Time and space are relative elements that merge through images and sounds in the shape of presences that are produced in real time. Just like there are no temporal or spatial limits, the machine for the production of presences doesn’t impose any cultural or social restrictions, there are only bodies produced from fragmented physicalities.  

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