Art, Innovation and Company Workshop

June 26 & 27, 2008 at Hangar

Organized by: HANGAR & CASM in collaboration with DISONANCIAS


June 26:
Presentation of participants (moderated by HANGAR):
areas of work and specific problematic issues encountered by the 7/8 companies and the 7/8 artists.
Presentation of joint working methodologies (moderated by DISONANCIAS): ‘Take on the Improbable’

June 27:
Development of common situations and themes stemming from the previous day’s presentations: work groups in search of joint solutions (moderated by HANGAR in collaboration with DISONANCIAS)



To reserve a place, please specify your particular reason for participating in the workshop. Companies participating should specify the positions their personnel occupy within the company. Artists should present a description of their field of work.
The workshop fee is 50€ payable in cash on the first day at 11h. Should you require an invoice please provide us with the necessary details beforehand.
Lunch is included.
Please send your applications to activitats(at)

This workshop is intended as a meeting place for managers of research, development and innovation departments and artists, where the sphere of work of both sectors is broadened out to facilitate the development of lateral thinking through the connection between traditional production processes and creative processes.

The aim of this endeavour is to explore the problematic issues common to processes of research, development and creative innovation in both sectors and to examine the opportunities for joint work. In order to carry this out each participant needs to present a specific problematic issue encountered within a research process they are currently developing that can be used as a starting point to provoke interaction.





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