Pure Data Workshop with Hans-Christoph Steiner

June 30 – July 04, 2008, 17h-21h
(possibility of working in the space the whole day if necessary)

participation : 20 euros
inscription : activitats@hangar.org (with letter of motivation)

This workshop will focus on building instruments using Pd with Arduino and game-controllers to control sound, video, and graphics in real time. It will cover getting data into Pd, turning that data into a usable form, then mapping the data to build engaging interactions and interesting performances. Participants will learn how to get data from the real world, process the data to eliminate noise and ignore unimportant details, then create a data flow that gives interesting control over media. If time permits, force and vibration feedback will be introduced.

The workshop is for beginners as well as experienced users, but some experience with Pd is encouraged. Bring in game controllers, tablets, mice, etc. or an Arduino with sensors. You can use your own laptop, the workshop will be preceded with a short installation help session. This course will prepare you for further work in audio, video, graphics or electronics. It will be project based, so bring a project idea to work on. By the end of the workshop, you should have something that works.

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