Rarefacció: Nyaplec X (Nyapster Label Showcase): Bitemap / Ashbrg / Meme Vivaldi / Hiyohiyoipseniyo

On May 21 at 6 pm, Hangar presents the seventh and last session of Rarefacció, a cycle curated by Sergi Botella that aims to present proposals that revolve around music and sound from an experimental and unconventional perspective. The guest for this session is the label Nyapster presenting Nyaplec X showcase, that brings the live shows of Bitemap, Ashbrg, Meme Vivaldi and Hiyohiyoipseniyo.

Nyaplec X (Nyapster Label Showcase): Bitemap / Ashbrg / Meme Vivaldi / Hiyohiyoipseniyo

Date: May 21, 2021
Time: 6 pm
Price: € 3 + tote bag as a gift

Rarefacció‘s audio will be available live at https://live.hangar.org/#rarefaccio

Meme Vivaldi

Meme Vivaldi is an artist from Melilla based in Almería with a long list of musical creations in his background, often hyperactive and with a great diversification of cassettes, pieces for netlabels and collectives born in soundcloud. He is a producer who has found in the Internet his tools of inspiration, creation and diffusion, creating in each occasion a commentary that goes beyond the obvious or the most extended tendencies in the Internet. Also focused on his particular recreation of classical music through digital tools, his lives always include sound surprises and the accompaniment of his visuals: found footage VHS, zapping, hypnosis, trash, cyberpunk & new age.


Born in 1980. Currently alive. Self exiled somewhere in the dusty landscapes of the net.


Bitemap es un proyecto musical con espíritu DIY/DIWO que usa el tracker LSJD creado por Johan Kotlinski y Game Boy DMG/Color con el fin de generar música chiptune. El proyecto comenzó con un amigable “8Donism” (autoeditado, 2012) para subir a 180 BPM’s con “To Infinity And Beyond” (autoeditado, 2014), para volver a subir a 240 BPM’s con “Cada Corazón es una bomba de relojería” (Muerte Cerebral, 2016) y para rematarlo con el Split compartido con PLOM “Essential Nerd Tools” (Nyapster, 2017), un ensayo sobre el irritacionismo y la infolépsia melódica.


Hiyohiyoipseniyo is Oscar Hidalgo (LaMunyecaAutómata, liquidthorn(diet), grisu dialèctic, origami caustika, NiNi-crü, Antoine Milleret, M.O.K.) colaixcore to low fidelity, realistic absurdism, compilations and collaborations, exquisite corpses, small confusionist intrusions, relinked media… and a few cassettes (The Centipede Farm, Nyapster, Crystal Mine…).


The event will be carried out following all security measures.
Attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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