You may find here the news published on Hangar’s website between 2006 and 2010

  • wip 09- poblenou

    +infodownload program ATTENTION : THE ACTIVITY HYBRID PLAYGROUND HAS BEEN REPLACED TO:Carrer de Lope de Vega, Jardins de Josep Trueta08005 Poblenou, Barcelona 

  • Tere Badia, Hangar’s new director

    Yesterday, the AAVC’s Board of Trustees chose Tere Badia, a researcher and cultural manager, as Hangar’s new director.Tere Badia (Mexico DF, 1964) has a solid academic education and has worked in research areas such as cultural policy, networking, international cultural co-operation and Research, Development and Innovation in artistic production.

  • *”Let’s be professional !” (F**k Me!)

    Seminario by Shu Lea Cheang24.11.09 18h-22h. Free access.Auditorio MACBA, BarcelonaHangar invites  artist Shu Lea Cheang* to share her secrets of artistic sustainability with the precarious art workers of Barcelona. For the last 25 years Shu Lea has lived exclusively from her art without needing to resort to selling drugs, working in the Post Office or serving in a bar. How [...]

  • Final Studio Application Results ‘09

    The Programme Committee convened on November 02, 2009 and selected the following artists:1. Guillermo De Pfaff, 2. Joan Cabrer, 3. Jordi Ferreiro, 4. Mariana Zamarbide, 5. Mercè Hernández, 6. Rita Rodríguez, 7. Samuel Labadie, 8. Sergi Botella.The next call for submissions for long-term residencies (maximum two years) will take place in October 2010, whereas those for short-term residencies (1 to [...]

  • free culture forum – 31 october

       10:00 - 22:00 : Thematic working groups around the key topics:Legal Perspectives and User AccesEconomies, New P2P Models and Sustainable DistributionEducation and Acces to KnowledgeFree Software and Opens Standards: Knowledge Sharing Hacker Philosophy and Action Technical WareOrganizational Logic and Political Implications of Free Culture+info

  • III Call for submissions “La Escocesa”

    La Associació d'Idees Ema presents a new call for submissions in order to allocate three workshops in the La Escocesa building (Poblenou, C/ Pere IV 345). PROJECTS WORKSHOP (max. 5 months) One of the workshops is rented out for projects of a limited duration - maximum 5 months. It is situated on the ground floor of the factory, it is [...]

  • Conversa oberta / menoslobos

    Et recordem que el proper dissabte 17 d'octubre, a les 19:00 hores i en Hangar, es realitzarà una conversa oberta en la que, partint de les entrevistes realitzades a Gemma Sendra, Berta Sureda i Xavier Marcè, i del text de Marina Garcés "Obrir els possibles", establirem una reflexió al voltant del futur de les polítiques culturals de creació contemporània. La [...]


    TUP | IDENSITAT: CONVERSATIONS IN HANGARFriday October 9, at 19h00Presentation of projects.TUP (Trabajos de Utilidad Pública) is a Chilean collective that researches about the correlations and disruptions between art and the city. TUP is a working space where different interests and disciplines converge in order to observe and work in neighborhoods.  TUP-IDENSITAT-HANGAR invites you to get to know more about [...]


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