You may find here the news published on Hangar’s website between 2006 and 2010

  • GlogauAir, Berlin Grant Final Selection Results

    The GlogauAir jury has selected the artist Lucia Egaña Rojas, in first place, for a three-month residency (October, November and December). Ivan Izquierdo has been selected as reserve candidate, should the selected artist be unable to accept the residency.

  • TWS, Tokyo Grant Final Selection Results

    The TWS jury, in Tokyo, has selected the artist Angel Núñez Pombo in first place. Javier Peñafiel has been chosen as reserve candidate should the selected artist be unable to accept the grant


    The Hangar programme committee convened on June 23rd, 2009 and shortlisted the following artists for the Artedos, Bogotá grant, from a total of 63 submissions: 1. Belén Montero(colectivo Dsk), 2. Juan Crespo Corella, 3. Julio Linares Carrascosa, 4. Krcek Vanina, 5. Marta Fuentes, 6. Nerea de Diego, 7. Raúl Lázaro Santamaría.On the first week of july we will announce which [...]

  • FONCA/CENART Mèxic Grant Final Selection Results

    The Fonca/Cenart jury, Mèxic, convened and selected the artist *Karin Dolk* in first place. *José Luis Aguilera Castrillo* has been chosen as a reserve candidate, should the selected artist be unable to accept the grant.


    Mecànics, craftsmanship for the third millennium  / 12 a.m - 9 p.m FREE ACCESS  "Mecànics" is an exhibition that reflects this return, at the heart of the information society, of the "DIY" philosophy as applied to the creation of sound production instruments. With that in mind, in this project SonarMàtica includes the driving forces behind artistic creation in the twenty-first [...]

  • (Español) OSCILACIONES DE VERANO I: Construye tu propio Theremin

    (Español) Sábado 13-6-09  - 11hConstrucción de una de las variantes más simples del famoso instrumento inventado por Lev Termen en 1919. "el instrumento que se toca sin tocarlo" Impartido por Diego de León  y Alejandro Bizzotto. El precio es de 50€ por taller o 120€ si se desea asistir a todo el ciclo. Todos los materiales y herramientas están incluidos. [...]

  • Sudamerica electrónica, encuentro con Jorge Castro artista digital / Av

    Presentación de Trabajos Personales y Crónicas de la Historia del vídeo en LatinoamericaArtistas , Comunidades , Trabajos,  Redes de producción/.10 Junio / 17:00hPROGRAMAProyectos Tempranos de vídeo y Arte Digital  ( 1994 - 2002 )       35 minConceptos y Obra proyecto Fisternni - Noise                   35 min Proyecto San Roque - San Pedro -        35 min

  • CIC, Cairo Grant Final Selection Results

    On June the 7th, 2009, the CIC jury in Cairo convened and selected the artist Alvaro Sau Razquin in first place. Cesar Pesquera Muro has been chosen as a reserve candidate, should the selected artist be unable to accept the grant.

  • Summer Oscillations I: Build your own Theremin

    Saturday 13/6/09 - 11hConstruction of one of the most simple variants of the famous instrument invented by Lev Termen in 1919. “The instrument that is played without being touched.” Given by Diego de León  i Alejandro Bizzotto. The fee is 50€ per workshop and 120€ for the whole cycle. All materials and tools are included.Places are limited and we maintain [...]


    Until the June 30th the term for presentation of projects to participate in III the International Encounter of Art in Released Territories of the Western Sahara, ARTIFARITI 2009, is open.This third edition will take place from the 17 to the 31 of October of this year. More information: Wednesday June 17th at 7.00pm will be hold a presentation with the [...]


    EXPANDED PRINTING proposes a forum for the analysis, from the perspective of artistic production, of the cultural paradigm that surrounds us through a network of conversations, cooperation and exchanges, and to explore the theory and the emerging practices of digital art and dynamic interdisciplinariety. We have organized a series of thematic conferences and roundtables that centre on projects by artists [...]


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