Research and experimentation grant at Hangar’s Interaction Lab

Hangar, visual arts research and production center in Barcelona, opens a call to assign a grant for artists, researchers and developers in the field of open source technology to carry out a two-month research and experimentation residency in its Interaction Lab.

About Hangar’s interaction Lab

Hangar is involved in the development of custom hardware for artistic projects from a commitment to hardware and free software. Through the Interaction Lab, Hangar can develop all types of hardware for artistic projects that require it, including internal electronics development, programming and prototype construction. Some examples of applications are: real time interaction, synchronizations, mechanisms, automations and remote controls. The laboratory also develops a series of royalty-free tools, available to artistic projects that may need them.

1. Objectives of the interaction Lab

– To help creators in their research and/or production activities, in their experimental work and in the development and completion of their projects.
– To detect and encourage the generation of communities around new tools and/or technologies.

– To propitiate and facilitate the necessary resources for experimentation, research, development and creation in the field of open interactive technology.
– To promote the documentation, publication, dissemination, transfer and exchange of knowledge in the field of creation with open interactive technology.

2. Aim of the call and project requirements

– Artists, researchers and developers of any age and nationality working in the field of creation with open source technology.

The call will consider projects that require a phase of research, experimentation and development in Hangar’s interaction Lab.

3. Duration

The duration of the grant is 2 consecutive months in the months of December 2020 and January 2021.

4. Conditions

a. Each person can apply with only one project.
b. Hangar will make the project available to the beneficiary:
– Fees: € 2000 gross.
– Work space in Hangar’s Interaction Laboratory.
– Technical support for the development of the project.
– Hangar’s network of collaborators.

* IMPORTANT: This grant does not offer accommodation or a mobility grant.

5. Commitments of the selected project with Hangar

– To participate in the dynamization of the Open Thursdays, attending other creators and offering them free technical support.
– To make a presentation of the project in the framework of Paratext.
– To give an open and free workshop about the tools used for the development of the project.
– To deliver a final report of the project and an assessment of the residence during the two months after its completion.
– To include Hangar’s logo in the project’s communication.

6. Selection process

The application should be made as a pdf or doc file -preferably pdf- with the required fields below to miguel(at) with the subject “Quinta beca de investigación y desarrollo en el Lab de interacción de Hangar”. Proposals will be received until November 17, 2020 at 11:59 pm(GMT +1).

The information required is as follows:

a. Personal information
– First and last name
– Complete address (city and country included)
– Phone number
– Email address
– Repeat the e-mail address
– Date of birth
– Nationality
b. Brief biography (up to 500 characters including spaces)
c. Resume (up to 1500 characters including spaces)
d. Description of the project, including:
– Project summary (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
– Related tags (up to 10 tags)
– Objectives (up to 1000 characters including spaces)
– Expected results (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
– Methodology (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
– How the project will be documented (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
– Calendar and work plan
– Technical requirements
e. Motivations for doing a residency in the Hangar Interaction Lab (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
f. Attached documentation: description of the technical training of the applicant.


– Requests that do not include the required information and/or exceed the extension limits will not be accepted.
– The Selection Committee may contact pre-selected individuals for an interview.

7. Selection Committee

The selection committee will be formed by:
– Two members of the Hangar Program Committee.
– One external member specialized in technological art.

8. Evaluation criteria

The selection committee will evaluate the projects according to:
– Background of the applicant.
– Continuous presence within the Interaction Laboratory.
– The fit of the proposal with Hangar’s lines of work and the Interaction Laboratory itself.
– The viability and potential of the project’s development at Hangar.
– The quality, relevance and interest of the project.
– The technical training and degree of self-sufficiency of the applicant.
– The capacity of the project to open and share its development process with the communities around Hangar.

9. Calendar

– Application deadline: until November 17, 2020 at 11:59 pm (GMT +1).
– Results of the selection process: second half of November 2020.
– Period of residence: to begin and end during fiscal year 2020. To be arranged with Hangar.

For further information:

Miguel Angel de Heras
Ext. 28

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