Glia call, collaborative laboratory of body and media

About the project
Glia is a project by artist Brisa MP within the framework of the IV research and production grant of the Hangar 2019 Interactive Lab that invites artists, technicians, designers, friends of open source software and hardware, DIY, DIWO, DIT, to share a space of thought, creation and production. Glia takes as methodology and political ethics the free software and hardware; the open source from work systems that constantly feed back, in the same way that their tools can be shared and modified by others.

Glia is an open laboratory for research, co-creation and co-production, with the aim of promoting the development of body-technology axes. It also wants to strengthen ties of collaboration and community based on shared authorships and de-hierarchising institutional artistic spaces in order to share them.

Glia is part of the open body-code project arising from the long-range research project that Brisa MP has been developing since 2015 entitled DANCECODE. The project explores methodologies, procedures and relationships between computer code and performative-choreographic space, which has been expressed through pluriform works ranging from the creation of computer systems, practices with dancers and reflective articles.

Glia, laboratory of body and media, wants to give value to the processes of creation, the technical and material procedures between human-human and human-machines in the artistic practices of the doing-thinking. Such processes seen as works in themselves, as the artist has been postulating through different projects and articles for several years now (Brisa MP 2008).

Aimed at
Visual artists, technicians and media artists, sound artists, digital designers, engineers, people interested with some kind of technical knowledge in hardware tools and free software, installations, graphics, sound, visual.

Applicants must have previous experience and have a minimum of 90% availability throughout the development of the project and respect the collaboration agreements, licenses, which will be established at the beginning of the project.

Regardless of their origin, applicants must reside in the city of Barcelona or its surroundings, as the project does not have accommodation resources or other than those already mentioned, which involve support for food and transport costs on working days.

Submission of applications
To register as an applicant for this call, you must send an email to interfacuerpoytecnochile(at) with the following information:

– Name
– Occupation or activity
– E-mail address
– Telephone
– Link of web page/blog (in which you can see previous works CV or bio, etc)
– Biography (no more than 10 lines)
– Work tools (such as programs, platforms, software, others)
– Expression of interest (no more than 15 lines)

Valuation criteria
The previous work of the participants and the information in the short form will be valued.

Closing date: 25 September 2019
Notification: 28 September 2019
Residence period: October – December 2019
Timetable: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Working days can be reorganized once the group is constituted).
Available places: 3
Support each: 120€ + VAT at the end of the process (Supposes a symbolic support that must be backed up with an invoice at the end of the project).

Participants must sign a Creative Commons: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike license agreement for materials generated at Lab Glia. The tools developed will be part of the artist’s core project and its final execution, including all participants.

After the execution of the whole project, which is a later stage, the participants will be able to make common use of the tools, modifying some areas of them to give them another use, always respecting the original license, the co-authors and the project; which will be established at the beginning of the project.

Glia involves different stages that are developed from two axes or questions that will be proposed by the artist. Glia ends in a stage of corporal-instalative and handcrafted printed tests.

Documentation is carried out and the project and its participants are disseminated on the website:

The components and materials that are necessary for the development of the project will be covered.

The participation in Glia, laboratory of body and means supposes the acceptance and agreement on what is described in the present call.

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