Lucía Egaña participa in the Festival Transitio

Between September 23 and 28th 2017 the artist in residence Lucía Egaña will participate in the Transitio Festival in Mexico City.

The Transitio_MX 07 festival is presented as a place to reflect on the relationships between these beings and to put a dialogue between ancestral knowledge, science, technology and current art in a search for answers to the question “¿Cómo decir nosotrxs?” . In this encounter between thinkers, hackers, activists and artists from different contexts, the exchange and the development of thought, research and common paths to rebuild our relationship with the world, from the bodies and from the diverse ‘nosotrxs’.

The Parliament is the heart of the festival and a collective process for exploring the question of “¿Cómo decir nosotrxs?” through the word. It is a horizontal space, of discussion and exchange, that leaves the theatrical format of the usual seminars, in favor of a layout in a circle with ample themes of discussion. The four days of the Parliament are divided into four themes: Raw, Interespecies, Ecology and In Common. Special guests are mixed with artists, researchers from different fields and with the public, to share their knowledge, resistance and visions, providing resources for collective process that culminates in a polyphonic assembly. In turn, the Parliament is the raw material for a Radio broadcast, carried out by an intercultural team of radio announcers of Abya Yala.

The Parliament and the Exhibition are complemented by a series of Live Acts – which will take place all day Sunday and every night – related to the theme of the day in the Parliament. The Live Acts invite a different involvement between artist and audience, privileging the presence of the body and the immediacy of relationships.

If we could say ‘nosotrxs’ in such a way that there is no longer an ‘ellxs’, it would change everything. If we could say ‘nosotrxs’, not as a diffuse extension of the ego, but as an authentic dimension of the world: plants, stones, people, animals, machines in an immense assembly of becoming together.


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