Paratext nº 18 with Ro Caminal, Laia Estruch, Carsten Galle, Patricio Rivera, William Ludwig Lutgens

Paratext hides a monthly schedule of presentations by artists in residency in Hangar, always on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. Several artists present in various formats specific projects or parts of their works. The meetings are always opened to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next session will take place on Wednesday, June 28th at 7 pm in Hangar at Ricson space.

The artists will present their work:

Ro Caminal

Graduated in Fine Arts by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB, 2012). Postgraduate in Social and Cultural Anthropology (URV 2013).
She has been a resident artist in different art centers such as Can Xalant and Sant Andreu Contemporani. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions; Bienal de Valls 2103 (Valls), Extralocales (AVic), Que podemos? (Can Felipa), Políticas de la Resistencia (Sala Fortuny), Tiempo Invertido (Can Felipa), Un Dilema (Arts Santa Mónica), Gran Angular (Fabra y Coats). Transmissions (Tingaldo 2), Translocaciones (Arts Santa Mónica), Parafarmacia (Liminal GR) Bienal Internacional de Video de Puebla (Mexico), TIVA 16 Internationa Video Art Exhibition Ofthe National Museum of Taiwan (Taiwan). She has participated in individual exhibitions in El Levante (Rosario, Argentina), New Zero Art Gallery (Yangon, Myanmar.), Artellewa Gallery (Cairo, Egypt).

Laia Estruch

Her practice is within the framework of the performance from where she works with the voice as a main raw material, structuring element, device, and space of experimentation of her artistic proposals. Her projects articulate strategies to make audible, through the voice, textual contents or graphics from diverse files, to create new ones, from the composition of scores and the sound recording that is generated at the time of oralizing them

Among her selected projects are: Serendipity, Arts visuals 2011 (Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Jingle (Espai Cub, BCN Producció 2011, La Capella), En lloc d’actuar fabulo, projecte deslocalitzat, presented at the Villarroel Theatre (BCN Producció 2012), Moat, Artistas en Residencia 2017 (La Casa Encendida and the CA2M).

Carsten Galle

Carsten Galle is a pedagogue and professor in advanced technologies, musician / sound and audiovisual artist, co-founder of the Institut FATIMA Barcelona in 2006.

In hes beginnings in 1995 he also worked as an Assistant of Direction in the Theater and the National Opera of Nuremberg. Subsequently, he had his own pop culture radio program for eight years on Radio Z in the same city.
In 2005, his path took him to Barcelona, ​​exactly to Poblenou, where he founded, together with his longtime friend and musical friend Paul Rose, the Institut FÁTIMA (Institut For Advanced Technologies In Music and Arts). Concerts and installations were held at many international festivals such as Sónar or the Transmediale in Berlin.
Since arriving in Barcelona in 2005, Carsten Galle has worked on artistic projects focusing on change and transformation in Poblenou and 22 @.
In 2008 Carsten was an artist resident in Hangar with Institut FATIMA and received, with Institut FATIMA, a grant from the City of Barcelona for his artistic project “Artist sense cables”.

Patricio Rivera

His recent work is concerned with the relationship between society, its forms of production and technology. He investigates the movements and changes in these ways, trying to identify the underlying elements of power that operate and define the social system. Society is put in reflection starting from the analysis of the technological framework, where the artist is considered an agent. For this purpose he uses concepts such as computational algorithms, digital manufacturing, numerical machine control, automation, robotics and visual representation of data.

William Ludwig Lutgens

Lives and works in Ghent, where he is currently attending the post-academic programme at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts).
In 2015, Lutgens graduated in a Master of Research in Art and Design (Manama), after doing a Master in Illustration and Graphic Design at St Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp. His works have been shown internationally.
In his work Ludwig combines autobiographical elements with social issues to denounce abuses and hypocrisy in a language that is both political and comical. Like a comedian he complements references to different subjects trough the use of personal anecdotes in a form similar to that of improvisational jazz, looking for templates and narratives to highlight, not forcing his perspective, but leaving the spectator somewhere in a limbo,
between two moments: the playful and the serious, amusement and discomfort.


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