PARATEXT nº11 with Tatiana Muñoz Melo, Cuadrado pero Calvo, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Tuba Köymen


Paratext hides a monthly schedule of presentations by artists in residency in Hangar, always on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Several artists present in various formats specific projects or parts of their works. The meetings are always opened to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next session will take place on Wednesday, july 27 at 7.00 pm in Hangar at Ricson space.

The artists will present their work:

Cuadrao pero Calvo

Cuadrao pero Calvo are an artistic duo formed by Judit Cuadros and Sandra Calvo, BA students of Arts and Design in the Massana School.

Tired of academic projects that almost always seek to address too general issues, they decided to take the incongruities that offers everyday life as a basis for developing visual narratives.

Dramatized presentation in which they will explain the new cutremporáneo art concept, its birth, its bases and its characteristics. Live trial where the duo justify their work with an Abacus’ rule. In addition, exclusively for Hangar: Dos calvos en el gym new hit.

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

The result of a residence in the workshop Befaco, a synthesis module palms expanded to extend an analog box rhythms Roland TR-606 computer controlled. Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (Barcelona, 1975) is an artist and member of EVOL computer music by the Scottish Stephen Sharp. Their joint work revolves around the distortion of time, space and some of the standards techno culture. His work has been published in international labels such as Mego Editions, Diagonal, Entr’acte or Presto!?.

Tatiana Muñoz Melo

I’m in the middle of a complex of factories mostly abandoned, a survivor redoubt in the middle of gentrification and real estate speculation that the old working-class neighborhood of Poble Nou has lived in recent years.

In the buildings and the ground the track of time and of the lived years remains.

During my stay at Hangar I could start an investigation into one of the materials that I find most fascinating: the clay.

The foundations of my project are on the one hand the study of our past in which the hands and the relationship with the land had been the backbone of life and creation; and on the other hand, to take a look to the present moment from that perspective.

The project is a research on the elements that constitute ceramics: earth, water, fire and air, the ways of building and the knowledge about ceramics that I have acquired.

The central idea of this project is to transform this raw material in high temperature clay ovens, an energy source that generates heat and like self-replicating machines amplifies as you build. The idea is to cook the containers where to eat and cook and also the bricks will be used to continue building and at the same time to use the power generated by the furnace, for example, for cooking.

Retaking what has been done in the past and explore it now. Under urban buildings there is clay.

The kitchen is the essence of dwelling, in relation to time and hand-working. The structures that I want to develop transform the used material in various ways. Depending on how you mix the clay and treat it, it becomes a structure, a refractory material, a container for eating, cooking or storing.

Tuba Köymen

Artist and designer who lives and works in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. She was born in Turkey and graduated in 1995 from the Department of Graphic Design at Bilkent University. In 1999, she was awarded an MFA in Photography and Digital imaging by the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Köymen’s art calls attention to human nature by offering candid scenes of everyday life through the media of photography and photo based installations. Working across the gamut of photographic processes — from alternative to digital — Köymen art centers on issues arising from place, culture and social interaction. Her perspective is humanistic and universalizing; she regards these issues to be common territory for all human beings.
Köymen has had solo exhibitions locally and internationally in museums and galleries including the Center of Documentary Studies at Duke University, Light Factory (North Carolina), Austin College (Sherman, Texas), and the Museum Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. Köymen has organized or assisted in the organization of exhibitions of photography and art — including the Istanbul Biennial — and has led or participated in workshops, collaborative projects, and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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