Paratext #70 with Julia Calvo and Daniel Moreno Roldán

This name, Paratext, hides a monthly program of performances by artists in residence at Hangar as well as artists on exchange grants. They present, in different formats, specific projects or parts of their work. The sessions are always open to the public with the purpose of enabling interaction with the artists themselves.

The next Paratext session will take place on Thursday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m. in Hangar’s Sala Ricson.

Projects will be presented by:

Julia Calvo (Long-term residency)

Artista que se mueve dentro del campo de la escultura, la performance y la instalación. Sus obras son grandes intervenciones que dialogan con el espacio y reflexionan sobre el contexto que exhiben. Este interés por encontrar el diálogo e interpelar al espectador in situ, hace que en ocasiones sean intervenciones lumínicas y cromáticas que comunican directamente a través de la percepción del color y la forma. Las atmósferas creadas por la artista también adoptan la forma de exhibiciones austeras, donde la simplicidad de los elementos que participan se convierte en una magnitud trascendental.

Daniel Moreno Roldán (Long-term residency)

In the early 2000s, he decided, without knowing exactly why, to start archiving the chat histories he shared with his friends; an unconscious decision to preserve something valuable that would otherwise have easily disappeared. To this day, he continues his efforts to preserve them, updating them in format and migrating them from hard disk to hard disk. He is fascinated by the belief that they have a certain heritage value.

He is increasingly interested in working with references that, because of their digital nature – supposedly immaterial and not tangible – tend to fade away. He reflects on questions of obsolescence, nostalgia and temporality, through the use of a multitude of formats – music, installation, video, etc. – but normally understood under the codes of the scenic and performative.

He is a member and co-founder of the Club de Videojocs, a group of people interested in video games beyond being forms of entertainment, which meets every two months at Hangar. He is part of the electronic music project, for which he composes songs using computers and obsolete video consoles. He also works as a music producer and sound designer.

Free entrance.

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Image: Amira Lamti

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