Possible Bodies Rotation II: Imagined Mishearings

This summer, the Possible Bodies inventory rotates towards Hangar  (Barcelona) for a two-week residency. The two year inquiry operates  along an inventory that contains artworks, scripts, documentation,  manuals, guided tours, interfaces, vocabulary, performances,  software-demos, tools, physical objects, animations, mathematical  concepts, games, renderings, etc. This travelling collection is a shared context to pay attention to the dimensional, notational, scalable and  organisational apparatuses that make so-called-bodies appear and  co-relate.

The second rotation focuses on biomedical 3D imaging and how it models, scans and renders “real bodies”. Possible Bodies is concerned by  the way pharmacopornographic, Hollywood and military industries  conflate techniques and technologies. In this techno-colonial and hetero-patriarchal landscape, violent ableist, anthropocentric,  misogynous and xenophobe representations keep emerging. In a series of  fanzine publications, we will mutate fictional accounts of actual open  source projects such as 3D-Slicer, ITK and echOpen with theoretical  works of transfeminist sensibility. We want to ask: how does biomedical imaging, both in industrial and DIWO contexts, compose, displace and  segment “bodies”?

From 20-30 July, Possible Bodies will be working on- and offline with Mercé Ardévol, Ona Bros, Sara Lafuente, Max Lehner, Nicolas Malevé, Peter Westenberg, Kym Ward and other companions, stretching and editing the inventory into a series of fanzines that will be published on the Hangar website and distributed physically after the residency. If you are interested in meeting us, we will be in La Plaza every day. You are welcome to visit the inventory, and to join the process of inventorying. To catch us, write to [jara at riseup dot net].

On Thursday 27 July at 17:00 and 18:00, Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting will make guided tours through the items and discuss the issues at stake in the project. The first tour critically explores several biomedical imaging techniques, the second (in collaboration with Kym Ward) will use the notion of ‘Circluding’ as an orientation device. This activity is open to the public, and entry is free.

Possible Bodies Rotation I: Collective Inventorying took place in May 2017 at Akademie Schloss Solitude / Projektraum Römerstraße, Stuttgart  and gathered software performers, raw artists, somatic developers, sensitive activists and disobedient academics

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