Sessions On Parametric Spaces Perceptual Exploration with Iván Paz

“On parametric spaces perceptual exploration” is a set of three session, being something between a workshop and an exercise of collective thinking. During these sessions we will discuss methods and possible approaches for the perceptual exploration of algorithmic or generative systems. The sessions will be focussed mainly algorithmic music composition but references to algorithms for creating visuals or other outputs are also welcome.
To motivate and provoke discussion i will present my own approximation, from which an early version is available at

The structure of the sessions is as follows:

First session (theoretical and practical):

March 30th 2016 from 19h to 21h

• General discussion. Description of some algorithmic composition architectures seen as parametric generators.
• Possible algorithms (up to this moment I will present the exploring-parameters algorithm, other ideas are being generated).

Second session (practical):

April 14 2016 from 19h to 21h

• Systems and algorithms implementation, composing, and listening. In this session we will discuss and go through the implementation of the different algorithms for parametric composition and perceptual exploration of subspaces.

Third session (theoretical):

May 12 2016 from 19h to 21h

• In this last session I would like to propose a further discussion by considering the following idea:
A general conceptualization of computer music (probably until the start of practices such as live coding) would be describe it, as the practice in which first the architectures or algorithms are defined, and then its parameters are changed during the composition process or performance. However, in practices such as ‘on-the-fly programming’ those architectures are also changed during such processes. Therefore, for exploring the perceptual spaces we have to take into account the changes in the architecture and in the parameters. Are there algorithms capable of this exploration?


For further information please write to
All sessions are free, however please send an e-mail for registration.


Iván Paz is the winner of the I Artistic Research Grant Banco Sabadell Foundation – Hangar 


With the collaboration of: BSFundacio_ENG

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