Tentacular Poetry, an intergenerational and interspecies workshop by Alba Mayol Curci

This workshop by artist in residence Alba Mayol Curci proposes the poetic as the rupture and constant recomposition of relations between signs, subjectivity, logos, the unembraceable/unspeakable and the vision, in a gesture like touching, feeling, feeling-thinking. Trying to emit linguistic signs from others where and others when, organic interiors, filamentous cavities, vaginas, mouths with tongues, hands, algae, hairs.

To share experiences together in order to investigate how we can generate signs and emit them, in what form, from where beyond logocentrism, deepening the conception of poetry as something not subject to a search for effective or gimmicky uses of language and discursive strategies, but closer to an investigation into ontological states that can also be sensed through language. Here, language could be understood as a polymorphous and latent ally, as breaking a bone and making an articulation where it did not exist before.

A combination of theoretical materials, writing practice and collective actions. From literary theory and the margins of the canon, the tentacles point to literary references, art, life, esotericism. The first session will be dedicated to sharing and analyzing theoretical contents, and testing eccentric mechanisms for writing. The second session will move towards a psycho-geographical journey through the city to write in drift, and contents will be reviewed for publication that will result from the materials that have been elaborated during the course.

The third session will take the form of an intergenerational and interspecies workshop, within the framework of the Hangar PIMPAM program -dynamized by Priscila Clementti-: Touching shapes / Shaping touch, one morning to work poetry with the hands, from different materials, mud, slime and different masses, through which the natural and the artificial will be treated, the gesture, the touch, to collectively create a viscous and fictional landscape.

I remember that tentacle comes from the Latin tentaculum, meaning “feeler,” and tentare, meaning “to feel” and “to try”.
Donna J. Haraway

Dates: November, 28, 29 and 30
Time: Thursady and Friday, 5 pm – 9 pm, Saturday, 11 pm – 1:30 pm
Venue: Hangar
Participation fee: €30
Participation fee – familiar worshop only (Saturday): €10

The production of Alba Mayol Curci originates from the conceptualization of writing and drawing understood as primary actions involved in the development of what is called in the Western context psyche, consciousness or subjectivity. She presents her work as an investigation of elements on the margins of a dominant discourse, which can often be found in the poetic, the emotional or the anti-heroic. She places artistic practice in the political milieu by putting it at the service of the possibility of a psychic-militancy, in which taking a stance can occur through notions such as affect, vulnerability, trance or embodiment.


To enroll, please send and email to formacio@hangar.org


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