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GRAPA is an artistic residency program driven by the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) and Hangar. Its aim is to open, accompany, and narrate creative processes at the intersection of art, science, and technology. The program encourages artists to embrace shared guidance between complementary institutions, facilitating research, production, and mediation at various stages of their project’s development.

Simultaneously, GRAPA serves as an observatory and relational device for artistic processes, with the goal of generating knowledge about the creation of projects situated in interstitial spaces, straddling disciplines and institutions. Additionally, it is a space for institutional and inter-institutional learning, envisioning specific forms of support tailored to each project by imagining diverse frameworks, objectives, and methodologies.

GRAPA is the pilot program of Red-ACTS, a network promoted by UOC and Hac Te, the Art, Science, and Technology hub, with support from the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

The residencies that took place in 2023 have been documented in two notebooks, reflecting both the methodologies used and the creation of networks.

GRAPA 1. AdTech Constellations
Joana Moll

AdTech Constellations is an artistic project by Joana Moll that explores how the primary business of the internet—AdTech technology—functions, from its visible layers to the intangible ones. Its goal is to promote ethical and sustainable practices within this industry.

The notebook documents and narrates the beginning of Joana Moll’s artistic process through interviews conducted by Clara Piazuelo, including a calendar of actions carried out, a diagram by Antonio Gagliano illustrating the support network developed within the framework of the project, and a text by cultural theorist Matthew Fuller, which analyzes the potential of Joana Moll’s project to depict the crises of our current world through a poetic language.

Download GRAPA 1 notebook

GRAPA 2. ruido ê
Silvia Zayas

ruido ê is an artistic research-production project by Silvia Zayas, focusing on the impact of noise on the bodies of marine animals. The project is designed as an experimental process, creating a network of relationships with scientists, divers, and other artists to investigate issues of perception, legibility, vulnerability, and resilience.

Interviews with Silvia Zayas, conducted by artist Clara Piazuelo, along with a compilation of activities carried out, Antonio Gagliano’s diagram illustrating the network woven within the project’s framework, and a text by scientist Claudio Barría, together construct the narrative of an advanced phase of the project.

Download GRAPA 2 notebook


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