Collaboration Hangar – Kunstraum Lakeside

Hangar begins a collaboration with the Kunstraum Lakeside in Klagenfurt, Austria, which will culminate in a collective exhibition dedicated to the concept of “process”. The exhibition, which opens on 19 November at 7 p.m., will feature works by resident artists Paula Bruna, Mercedes Mangrané, Francisco Navarrete Sitja y David Ortiz Juan.

The second program year at Kunstraum Lakeside will be devoted to the concept of “process.” Just as research, while fundamental to an investigative practice for generating knowledge and insights within an artistic context, can also become the actual subject of representation, the process also has the potential to emancipate itself from the work of art and become an experiment in its own right. To what extent these forms of exploratory experimentation are inherent to every artistic practice, and how artistic research must go beyond this in order not to be arbitrary, will be demonstrated through a dual reflection on the medium of expression and the object of expression: “Some believe that the visual arts are constantly experimenting as they seek the right form for their objects, reflecting on and revising their materials and media for this purpose. This very general and therefore not very productive perspective can be narrowed down further by focusing on practices that address experimentation itself as a process.”* The program therefore sets out to examine developmental processes in artistic creation: phases, evolutions and progressions, courses of events, unfoldings and procedures.


*Rickli, Hannes: “Experimentieren,” in: Badura, Jens et al. (eds.): Künstlerische Forschung.

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