Helicotrema X – Recorded Audio Festival

Mario Ciaramitaro, along with Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio are running the tenth edition of Helicotrema, the recorded audio festival dedicated to the presentation of narrative and multidisciplinary sound works experienced through collective listening sessions. This year, the festival dedicates part of its program to the topic of travel, considered in its many facets, and to the concept of sound documentation of past events.

Helicotrema is a festival that presents a program of recorded audio pieces by a selection of international artists and authors. The expression ‘recorded audio pieces’ originates from a lack of terms, in the current cultural lexicon, to indicate such timeline-based formats using solely the audio component. Secondly, such expression reveals the will of the project to investigate the status of a certain space-time dedicated to the gathering of an audience in order to listen to a recorded audio piece. In this sense, if such gatherings are the elements that constitute a film festival, the possibility to question such festival format for audio pieces is yet to be explored. The production of a space-time dedicated to timeline-based audio formats is the main objective of this proposal.

Helicotrema moves from the observation that, in the field of contemporary art and – to some extent – of contemporary theatre, the last decade has witnessed a gradual comeback of interest in the forms of audio plays, audio dramas, audio documentaries and various kinds of timeline-based formats based only on an acoustic component.

Such formats share numerous features with classical radio plays, such as:

– the audience is expected to listen to the whole piece (differently from a gallery-specific sound installation);
– a precise common gathering for the audience is established (as it happens in film screenings);
– the piece involves, often, both spoken language and musical or sound elements;
– the piece presents a (be it fictional or documentary) timeline.


21/10/21 – 19.30 – 20.45 – Ghosts Tracks
Cory Arcangel, James T. Green, Annea Lockwood, Matteo Nasini,Giulia Vismara, Roberta Busechian, Sebastiane Hegarty

28/10/21 – 19.30 – 20.45 – Deep Listening
Annea Lockwood, Babu Eshwar Prasad, Pablo Sanz, Mark Peter Wright, Chris Watson

11/11/21 – 19.30 – 20.45 – Tongue Words
Enrico Vezzi, Mariangela Gualtieri, Stefano Giannotti, Sofia Saldanha, Marcos Lutyens

Practical information
Dates: 21 & 28 October, 11 November
Place: Hangar, Sala Ricson
Time: 19’30h  – 20’45h

This activity is FREE.
You can reserve you entry ticket HERE.


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