Sound and visual synthesis with Live Coding. By Roger Pibernat and Citlali Hernández

The second edition of the Festival Viu, organized by the Toplap residence collective, will bring these workshops created by members of the live coders community.

Workshop on synthesis and sound patterns. By Roger Pibernat
Date: Friday, February 14
Schedule: 16 to 9 pm
Registration fee: € 10

Various synthesis techniques for creating a Supercollider patch and how to play it live using Tidal patterns will be explained.

Supercollider is a platform for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition and TidalCycles (or “Tidal”) is software that allows you to make music patterns with code. The union of these two open source programs allows to generate live music through code by mixing the two techniques. You should have used at least one of the two programs and be familiar with live coding to participate in the workshop. You need to bring your computer and have Tidal installed (if you have Tidal installed, you probably have Supercollider installed as well).

Hydra workshop, visuals with Live Coding. By Citlali Hernández
Date: Saturday, February 15
Schedule: 4 pm
Registration fee: € 10

Hydra is a platform for making visuals through live code, created by Olivia Jack and inspired by modular analog synthesizers. Each video source (geometric shapes, oscillators, cameras, etc) can be generated, transformed and modulated live through text instructions. Hydra can be used directly from a web browser. Each time it is loaded, a random code appears that can be modified. It is also possible to install Hydra in the Atom text editor.

Olivia Jack, designed this software with the idea that in Hydra there are many heads thinking and creating. Taking the concept from the Greek-Roman mythology, Hydra from Lerna (the beast with many heads that for every head that is cut off two more come out) as well as Hydra in the animal kingdom (an aquatic being that possesses many heads and with regenerative properties). There is something in all this that is constantly being generated and regenerated around the software: the community continuously contributes the different knowledge that people around the world possess. Turning it, not only into a software to produce images/video, but into a creative engine for the production and reflection of art and the ways to interact (symbolically, materially and technically) with each other and with the environment.


To register, it is necessary to send an email to with the subject “Talleres Viu”, and indicate in which workshop you want to participate.

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