(Català) Lucía Egaña i la Quimera Rosa participen a Posar el cos. Activismes feministes i queer

In both current feminist thought and action, the body has ceased to be the original depository of sexual difference to become the revulsive questioner of the sex-gender binary system. This course proposes to conduct a critical reflection in dialogue with a series of proposals deployed by the current activism, which place the body in the center to interrogate the naturalized and deconstruct, thus, the speeches that support it. The body is, more than ever, a battlefield for feminist discourses and actions that are known to be discontent and radical, because they go to the root, to the origin, and do not conform to calcar drawings. In his drawing and retracing the bodily limits, by show of hands, it becomes the proposal of a transformation.


Radicalmente dis-conformes. Meri Torras and Miriam Solà

Resentimientos cuyr: una crítica decolonial de lo queer. Diego Falconí. Presenta Lucía Egaña

Alianzas cripple-queer a través de la sexualidad y la pospornografía. Elena Urko y Patricia Carmona. Presenta Andrea García-Santesmases

Familias trans*. Experiencias y retos de una (p)maternidad trans*. Lucas Platero. Presenta Maria Rodó

Una cultura pop trans. Nuevas representaciones y no tan nuevos discursos. Miquel Missé. Presenta Diego Marchante

Autogestión tecnocientífica, resistencias sexuales y subversión corporal (trans)feminista. Quimera Rosa, Diana J. Torres y Klau Kinki. Presenta Lola Martínez Pozo

Closing. Prostíbulo poético



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