MATICS Barcelona is a collective that was born in 2014 with the name “MATICS, society of performative studies” as a proposal for the meeting of people interested in digital arts in which to establish spaces for debate, action art and meetings for the creation of digital art as a collective. Gradually, MATICS has established itself as a non-profit digital art association and today is a space for diverse practices that, through the arts, seek to create community and social change. Artists, teachers, cultural producers, activists, technological and social researchers relate to each other to generate heterogeneous networks of production of unique projects and knowledge. Science, art, technology and society are the fields of collective action in which MATICS develops, and its main aspiration is to establish digital art as a method of social research. Based on this statement, MATICS’ projects are woven according to specific needs and the collective becomes organically flexible so that teams, people and tasks change in each project. The people currently involved in MATICS are, in order of arrival to the collective, Francesc Benlliure, Núria Nia, Lina Bautista, Citlali Hernández, Diego Suárez, Andrés Costa, Lucía Segurajauregui and Toni Jau.

MATICS’ residence in Hangar will be dedicated, in its central part, to the project El cuerpo tecnológico (The Technological Body), in which Citlali Hernández and Núria Nia will develop a series of different lines of work to carry out theoretical and experimental research on its central theme: body and technology.

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