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Hangar-Duende Grant Final Selection Results

The Duende jury in Rotterdam has selected the artist Alex Reynolds for the Hangar-Duende exchange grant’s three-month residency (July, August and September, 2008).

Published on: 15. May 2008 by Hangar
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The Hangar Programme Committee convened on April 24, 2008 and decided to shortlist the following artists for Duende (Holland) from a total of 73 submissions:

1. Alex Reynolds, 2. Laia Solé, 3. Maria Solà, 4. Ricardo Iglesias, 5. Santiago Vich, 6. Yolanda de los Bueis, 7. Albert Corbí, 8. Kepa Garraza, 9. Nicolás Laiz, 10. Sergi Botella.

The shortlist for Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy) selected from a total of 35 submissions is: 1.Diego del Pozo, 2. Juan Francisco Casas, 3. Onofre Caldentey, 4. Santiago Vich, 5. Yolanda de los Bueis.

We will soon be announcing the names of the artists selected by these centres’ own juries.

Published on: 25. April 2008 by Hangar
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El Basilisco (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Guidelines. Fonca/Cenart (Mexico City, Mexico) Guidelines.

* N.B. Please check the guidelines, as the required documentation is different for each one.

* Submissions Deadline is May 12, 2008. The names of the shortlisted artists will be announced May 23, 2008.

Published on: 22. April 2008 by Hangar
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This Saturday, April 12 from 5pm to 7pm

12 young artists from the Fine Art Master Course in St Joost Academy Den Bosch/Breda, The Netherlands have spent 10 days working with artists from Barcelona, including 5 Hangar resident artists. The outcome of this intense experience will be presented this Saturday during Hangar’s Open Studio Day.

http://hangar.org/docs/Press release.doc

Published on: 10. April 2008 by Hangar
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The Contemporary Image Collective’s jury in Cairo has selected Vahida Ramujkic for the Hangar-CIC exchange grant three-month residency (May, June and July of 2008). Fermín Jiménez has been chosen as reserve candidate, should the selected artist be unable to accept the grant.

Published on: 28. March 2008 by Hangar
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Klein Hangar shared studio


Klein Hangar, a 90m2 shared rental space for visual artists, near Can Ricart  

*Single, open plan space.

*As shared office space, to prepare or develop projects and
for project management.
Stays from 1 month to 6 months

*Internet connection and free phone calls within Spain.

*Fees per person:
100€/ month + IVA, 80€ + IVA members of the AAVC.

*Residencies from 1 month to 6 months.

*Starting March 1st, 2008.

*Free access to Hangar’s Media Lab.

*How to apply: send your CV and artist’s statement to

Published on: 27. March 2008 by Hangar
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Alterazioni Video

Workshop by Alterazioni Video in Hangar
(in collaboration with The Influencers)
Monday 03/03/08 – Wednesday 05/03/08 / 16h-20h



Published on: 01. March 2008 by Hangar
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Direct the Macba workshop

February 29, 7pm – 9pm
March 1 & 2 10am – 8pm

information http://hangar.org/dirigeelmacba

Published on: 27. February 2008 by Hangar
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always more: going between sex/affection innovation saturday 23/02/08 6 p.m.

Published on: 20. February 2008 by Hangar
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Hangar 2008 international exchange programme

Download booklet
Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) (Cairo, Egipt). Ssamzie Space (Seoul, South Korea), Duende (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Pistoletto (Biella, Italy), Fonca/Cenart (D.F., Mexico), El Basilisco (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Published on: 06. February 2008 by Hangar
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Presentation of Engranaje, 7pm 24/01/08

Engranaje – a live editing interface for narrative films. Presentation at
Hangar’s multipurpose room on Thursday January 24, 2008.

A demonstration of Engranaje, a live editing interface for narrative (or
other!) films. Engranaje is designed to allow cinema audiences to accompany the
editing process. A 1m diameter tactile circular screen allows the
director/manipulator to access and organise large quantities of audiovisual
material into units of shots and sequences. You can see how it works at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL_-CJulzyI

A 15 minute short film will be edited, and the demonstration will also include
an explanation of how the interface works and free time to allow the audience
to experience the interface.

This project was developed using PureData and Processing software, with the
support of Hangar, as part of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s Masters in Digital Arts.


Published on: 21. January 2008 by Hangar
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Virtual and physical spaces

Pimpampum workshop: web mashups : + info
January 16, 17 and 18, 2008 from 6.30 to 9.30pm @ Hangar

Call for applications to rent a workshop at Can Xalant, Mataró.  + info

Published on: 21. January 2008 by Hangar
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Chris Sugrue presentation: Thursday 13/12/07 : 7.30pm

Chris Sugrue, one of the most outstanding young visual artists currently working
in New York, will present his work , with a special focus on the work he has
been developing over the las two months as resident artist at Hangar.

more info >>>

Published on: 10. January 2008 by Hangar
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GenéraTech @ Hangar 6,7,8 December 2007


GENERATECH is a Research-Action inititive that promotes the negotiation of
gender agency in audiovisual technoculture through opensource software. The idea
is to create opportuites for co-ordination and collaboration among associations,
collectives and individuals in order to spread and defend the free circulation
of knowledge, experiences and know-how, in the field of critical thought and
action around gender relations today.

December 6 and 7, 2007:
Two days of learning, collaboration and exchange of audiovisual projects dealing
with gender issues, based on opensource software.

Published on: 10. January 2008 by Hangar
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Presentation: Xarxaprod

There will be a public presentation of the Xarxa d’Espais de Producció de Catalunya (xarxaprod.cat) at 7pm on Wednesday November 28, at the CASM.
Xarxaprod is an umbrella organisation for over twenty initiatives that actively
support Catalonia’s creative fabric through the services they offer. See you

Centre d’Art de Girona, Can Serrat, Can Xalant, La Capsa, Centre d’Art de
Vic, Transports Ciberians, Nau Côclea, Comafosca, Conservas, La Escocesa,
Experimentem amb l’Art, Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, Hangar, Idensitat,
Igac, La Nau, Centre Cultural La Mercè, Priorat Centre d’Art, Niu, Off-Massana,
Centre d’Art la Rectoria, Saladestar, T Centre d’Art, Taller BDN, Telenoika.

Published on: 10. January 2008 by Hangar
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