“Guerrilla theater” by Sacchi-De Santo

The combat guidelines. Tactic # 2: Arm the Cell

We appeal to the dispersion and agitation of the scenes that have been set up for us: scenes of drama, academy, montage, word, sex. We appeal to modify the places of reference of our imaginary colonized by the beautiful art and the word vanguard. We appeal to the insurgent community fictional organization against the bad governance of the image. We appeal to make barricades against the creative precariousness of the empire of conceptualism. Our scenes will be anti-mythical, our theater will be operational, we will spit on Situationism! We will dance cha cha cha on the body of the costumbrismo! We will take the creation factories and return them clandestinely! Neither action nor repetition: Guerrilla theater!

Fictional pact

The war machine is shaped by my current situation, what I want and what I want to change.

Recipients: artists, writers, performers, musicians, and anyone who is interested in having a stage experience from their self-fiction.

Maximum capacity: 10 people.

Duration: 5 Days of 3 hrs each, including final group show.

Calendar: Monday 13/11 to Friday 17/11 2017 Hours: 19 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Registration fee: € 15


Sacchi – De Santo: Couple of visual artists, performers, writers, researchers, ex-philosophers, teachers. Currently working on projects that cross utopian imagination and anticolonialism. Nau L’Estruch (2017) Beca Iberescena (2017) Hagar (2017) El Porvenir de la Revuelta (2017) Degeneradas (2017) MACBA (2016)


Workshop Schedule

Barricade 1a. The own image

In the first day we will work on our memories. We will inquire our sensory imagination, we will try not to force any memory, but rather we will accompany the path of our mind, leaving aside the search for the truth and approaching the possibility of visualizing in detail a germinal image.

Then, we will work on an image of the previously selected past at home. It can be visual, sound, olfactory, tactile or some personal ability. It can be from a photograph of childhood to a choreographic composition with the body itself. We will introduce you to the rest of the group.

Input of the day: bring the barricade your own image

Barricade 2nd. Dear Diary

In the second day we will work on a scriptural device. We will take a break to connect with writing our self-fiction. For this we propose the “intimate diary” modality working on three premises: 1) Myself here 2) My desires 3) My injustices

In the second part of the workshop, we will share our texts. And we will invent our slogans of struggle group.

Input of the day: Pen, paper, computer or the more comfortable device for you to write.

Barricade 3rd. Resistance construction: the object

On the third day we will dedicate ourselves to the construction of objects: we will invent our resistance weapons with soft materials. The idea is to expand our imagery and make objects of infra-realistic dimensions (giant or tiny) with textures that pass the codification of war.

Inputs of the day as an example: flowers, soil, plants, cardboard, fruits, papers, paint, pens, expanded polystyrene, clothing, foam, water, cleaning products, etc.

Barricade 4th. The assembly of the cell

In the fourth day we will work on the collectivization of all the materials created throughout the days and try a small sample. The staging assembly will be coordinated by Sacchi-De Santo.

Inputs: All pre-made materials

Barricade 5th. The final attack

Presentation of the open-door attack cell.

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