PRACTICABLE 4_Alma Söderberg presents ‘New Old’

On Thursday, November 2th at 18:00 pm, the performer and choreographer Alma Söderberg will present New Old at Hangar’s Sala Ricson as part of the Practicable research line.

New Old is a solo performance going back to the origins of Alma Söderberg’s practice – sitting on a chair and thinking through rhythm, voice and movement. A practice of listening to sounds synthesising; forming words with the help of hand and body gestures, creating thoughts, evolving into sounds again, becoming music, becoming dance, becoming thought that once again becomes dance. New Old is rather personal. It is on the verge, if not already way over the edge, to something private. Meandering between topics such as the fear of peeing oneself, the mouth-like quality of the vulva, the phenomenologically fascinating thing of being two people at once for a while, as well as how musical the word “pussy” is in different languages, and the consequences thereof. New Old moves in and out of internal and external spaces, shoots through the roof with vectors of high hissing sounds, landing in melodic phrases and floating just above the heads of its audience.

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer that works with music and dance. She uses her voice and body to play space as if it was an instrument. Her ongoing research deals with how we listen as we look; the relation between the ear and the eye. She has grounded her practice in a number of solo performances in which she developed an idiorhythmic way of creating. In the two ongoing music projects wowawiwa and John the Houseband, she has worked in collaboration with the other artists Anja Muller, Dennis Deter, Hendrik Willekens, Roger Sala Reyner and Melkorka Sigridur Magnusdottir. In all her works she collaborates closely with the sound artist Hendrik Willekens. Alma Söderberg has won the Thalia Prize and has been granted the Cullberg scholarship.

Practical Information
Day: November 2th
Time: 18:00 pm
Place: Sala Ricson, Hangar
Free admission

Image: Alma Söderberg

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