Show us your screens (obscurantism is dangerous)

With a tape recorder and a series of questions that tend more towards conversation than interview, I meet with TOPLAP Barcelona, the resident collective that works and researches on Live Coding in Hangar. As they themselves define: TOPLAP Barcelona is a collective that practices and promotes live coding as a technique of sound and visual creation, generating a technological appropriation through the use and development of free and open software focused on generating relationships and speeches of their own.

Its members are Lina Bautista, better known as Linalab (his solo music project) and Ivan Paz, with training in physics and mathematics. Both come to Live coding in different ways and from different countries to tell us about their approaches and experiences on stage. If you want to know what this Live Coding is, what the term “from scratch” means in the Algorave and what kind of software are the most used, don’t hesitate to listen to what they tell us next, you can find them every Thursday in Hangar and through their email and web:

Interview by Laura Llaneli

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