Paratext report

  • Paratext #33 by Michael Lawton

    Paratext #33 January 30th 2019 by Michael Lawton Marit Tunestveit Dyre (Short residence) Laura Ige (Interaction lab Grant) Sofiane [...]

  • Paratext #32 by Giuliana Racco

    Paratext #32 December 19th 2018 by Giuliana Racco Picture Giuliana Racco with Nenad Andric.

    TMTMTM (Collective in residence) BeAnotherLab [...]

  • Paratext #31 by Aldo Urbano

    Paratext #31 November 14th 2018 By Aldo Urbano

    Iterations (European Project Residence) Anas (Baden Württemberg and Hangar exchange grant) Kenneth [...]

  • Paratext #30 by Irina Mutt

    Paratext n#30 24th October 2018 by Irina Mutt

    Anna Irinia Russell (Short term residence) Lucía Egaña Rojas (Long term residence) [...]

  • Paratext #29 by Laura Benítez

    Paratext n#29 September 26th 2018 By Laura Benítez

    May Parlar (International residence) Julia Varela (Short-term residence)

    When you attend Paratext you get the [...]

  • Paratext #28 by Carolina Jiménez

    Paratext n#28 18th July 2018 by Carolina Jiménez

    Claudio Correa (International Residence) Rae Yuping Hsu (International Residence) Victoria DeBlassie & Connor Maley (International Residence) Mostafa Saifi Rashmouni (HISK Exchange Grant – Sala d’Art Jove)

    It is curious that Sergi Botella is [...]

  • Paratext #27 by Sergi Botella

    Paratext n#27 June 20th 2018 by Sergi Bottlella

    Birde Vanheerswynghel (Exchange Grant Sala d’Art jove-HISK) Liv Schulman (International Residence) Andrea [...]

  • Paratext #26 by Caterina Almirall

    Paratext n#26 May 23rd 2018 By Caterina Almirall

    Maria Norholm (international residence) Aleix Plademunt (ADM-Mexico City, and Hangar exchange grant)



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