Paratext #75 with Ona Bros, Gelen Jeleton and Marta Velasco Velasco

This name, Paratext, hides a monthly program of performances by artists in residence at Hangar as well as artists on exchange grants. They present, in different formats, specific projects or parts of their work. The sessions are always open to the public with the purpose of enabling interaction with the artists themselves.

The next Paratext session will take place on Wednesday, April 24th, at 7 p.m. in Hangar’s Sala Ricson.

Projects will be presented by:

Ona Bros (Long-term residency)
Ona Bros operates from a political attention to images as catalysts of semiotic-technical-material complexes. Her practice is situated and embodied; she always researches from the experienced and its relationality, in a queer inhabitation and a transfeminist sensibility. She works with photography, video, writing, and living arts, materials that she relates to distant epistemic fields in search of narratives that (perhaps briefly) trope the present.

She is currently researching discourses on genetics in the context of global biomarkets in the field of assisted reproduction. The BetaBlastoCuir project brings together scientific, mythological, somatic, and poetic narratives to propose other imaginaries that extend the possibilities of reproducing life, the bonds of kinship, and the practices of motherhood.

Gelen Jeleton (Estancia media)
Gelen Jeleton has been practicing art alongside Jesús Arpal Moya in Equipo Jeleton since 1999. Shes undertake drawing projects such as Historia Política de las Flores exploring the symbolism of flowers as a language of resistance. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Castilla La Mancha in Cuenca, pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Barcelona in the Drawing Department focusing on alchemy and Renaissance symbolism. In 2016, she obtained her doctorate from the University of Murcia in the Faculty of Fine Arts with the doctoral thesis: Una Archiva del DIY (Do It Yourself): una fanzinoteca feminista-queer.

Marta Velasco Velasco (Long-term residency)
Her work contemplates what takes place on an affective level in encounters between materials and identities, between bodies and places. She explores other ways of narrating the relationship with material and the unique, often invisible, knowledge that arises from this relationship. She has worked on travel experiences within the framework of the Western imagination, which involves processes of acculturation and Euro-Americanization of the world, as well as the exoticization of material experiences. In her latest works, she investigates the transformation and transmission of knowledge and languages of craftsmanship in the context of the Mallorcan fabric tradition.

Her practice is developed in the fields of audiovisual, installation, fabric, and painting. In her work, she uses fabric, drawing, photography, video, and installation to create records of real contexts. Through visual and material associations, she mobilizes the language of the delocalized subject to represent postcolonial and globalized space-times, full of divergent narrative layers. To produce her pieces, she uses her own photographs, images from institutional archives or the internet, along with materials she collects from the places she researches and fabrics she makes using traditional techniques.

Free entrance.

Image: Marta Velasco Velasco

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